Fashion see, fashion do…?

Fashion see, fashion do…?

Fashion see, fashion do…?

…That is maybe the quote that best describes the century we live in. But is It right to think so?

Not a day passes by without a new trend being set on the market and people blindly following every single one of them, leaving aside the fact that we are all different and not everything is meant to suit us. And that specifically is the beauty of it. We seek to individualize ourselves through so many actions, forgetting the fact that, the simplest way to do so, is through the clothes we wear. And following the trends is exactly what mustn’t be done in order to achieve this. I for one, I prefer to create my own trend than to follow others. And I am not afraid of mistakes. Actually, there are no mistakes. No one is going to stop you on the way to work, while you step confident in an outfit that makes you feel so, saying “oh, dots with lines?”

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Be bold, be creative, wear everything with confidence and dare to overcome the boundaries set only by yourself. Even if what you wear is not by the book, please mind Diana Vreeland’s words that once said: “A little bad taste is like a nice splash of paprika. We all need a splash of bad taste – it’s hearty, it’s healthy, it’s physical. No taste is what I’m against” and I couldn’t agree more.

Starting from the fact of creating my own trends, regardless of the sustainable point of view with I follow unappealable, I set a target of creating an endless amount of outfits with the pieces I own in my wardrobe, and for almost a year now, without buying anything from the market unless it is secondhand.

To prove my point, will share with you 6 outfits with an item I purchased with the amount of 1.03 Euros, from a SH, of course.

Also, don’t fprget to “Make simplicity great again”

As I mentioned before, if you set free your imagination, there is an endless number of options you may use in order to create outfits that will speak for yourself.

Also, as a true believer of the fact that small conscious actions are better than none at all, I encourage you to “Consume less, Pollute less” and to think about the good you are doing for the environment without buying new items, but instead reusing the ones you have.

Besides everything I have mentioned above, it is actually really fun and challenging! So… go make a mess in that wardrobe and enjoy doing it!


Fashion see, fashion do…?

An article by Landiana Yolo


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