#ModicInterview Fashinnovation, born from the love for people”

#ModicInterview: Fashinnovation, born from the love for people”

#ModicInterview: Fashinnovation, born from the love for people”


We would like to introduce you to one of the founders of Fashinnovation, platform created with love, bringing together the fashion world and technology. Jordana Guimaraes answered our questions and gave us a little insight of this amazing project that is literally changing the fashion world.


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  1. Would you please firstly introduce yourself? What’s your story? And what Fashinnovation is?

My name is Jordana Guimaraes and I am of Egyptian descent, born and raised in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Now living in the US. I have always had a thirst for knowledge and for people – always found it fascinating that although we are all the same in many ways, we can always be so different in ways of thought, action and personalities. I never liked being told what to do and when to do it – I always liked to march to my own beat. After high school, rather than go to college, I chose to take the “experience” route – I felt that if I tried several jobs in different industries (like one does with dating), it would lead me to my “life path”.

At 24 I got my first position as a PR director for international brands and fell in love with it! 16 years later I am the founder of my own organization “giving a face” to homelessness called The NYLON Project, I also have a book about to be published later this year, titled It Can Be You and I am the Co-Founder, alongside my husband Marcelo – of Fashinnovation.


  1. How did you discover your passion for the fashion industry? Is it a field you have been interested in since you were little?

My love for diverse individuals and people, in general, led me to the fashion industry. I knew that people, diversity and globalization are the things that would make a difference in the fashion industry. Therefore, I got into “fashion” not necessarily for my love of “aesthetics/clothes/fashion” but rather for the love of “people”.


  1. You are also the author of the book “It can be you”. Tell us a little bit about the social impact your book had and its connection to the fashion industry. How can fashion create a social impact regarding homelessness?

The book will be published by the end of 2020 and the concept behind it is to “give a face” to homelessness, using similar struggle stories of fashion influencers and of homeless individuals, showing people the true reason behind their situation – rather than maintain the stigma that already exists – and show that it can happen to anyone. Fashion can create a social impact in any cause – because it’s the biggest platform in the world – at the end of the day, whether or not you’re into fashion, we ALL wear clothes!


  1. We know that you like sustainability. Tell us please what is one thing that you consider everybody could do and have a meaningful sustainable impact?

The easiest way is buy things that you know you’ll use “over and over again” and when you don’t want it anymore, give it to a loved one, to a friend or trade them. By doing this, you’re being sustainable and it’s not a drastical change. Sustainability to me is all about incremental steps.


  1. Tell us about the first Fashinnovation event and how it has evolved to be what it is today? How has it changed? How has it changed you?

The first Fashinnovation event was 2 years ago (September, 2018) and it was an event where we tried to sell tickets to guests and have industry (CEO’s and Founders) speaking on Innovations in Fashion – it was good, but not good enough. So we kept evolving and adapting, and it became better with every passing edition. From where we started to where we are today is not that much of a difference. We showcase innovations in the fashion industry from the voices of leaders, CEO’s and Founders, but it has evolved in that we no longer sell tickets and make it free/accessible to EVERYONE (this brings the world together), as well as helped us through a much larger community create a manifesto/slogan of “Fashion Is to Love”, which at the end of the day goes back to us knowing its the largest platform in the world, and if used properly can make the industry and the world a better place. We also now have a core focus on sustainability (in collaboration with the United Nations Office for Partnerships), and much more… It has changed me because it’s shown me that my belief in people and the world, the fashion industry is capable of that as well – of no longer being an exclusive but rather an inclusive industry.. that is one of the key goals with Fashinnovation. United we are ALL stronger and better.


  1. When did you first felt that Fashinnovation was impactful for the retail industry?

When we started to see that the people that attended our events collaborate together on new projects, ideas, etc. Lots of incredible relationships have been formed through our platform.


  1. What are your thoughts on the statement “retail isn’t dead, boring retail is”?

I agree. I think that Fashion nowadays is no longer a shirt you buy to look pretty in, but rather an experience. Everyone is looking for an experience. Therefore, innovating is key to retail – especially now.


  1. Fashinnovation brings together fashion and technology, please, can you tell us your opinion about A.I. and its role in the future of fashion?

I believe that due to Covid, the fashion industry is sprinting towards technology – AR, AI, etc. I do believe it’s the future – however, I don’t believe it will replace physical… it will simply enhance it.


  1. What about A.I. and sustainability? How can technology help us keep ourselves and our planet safe?

It lessens the carbon footprint, which allows our earth to breathe more, hence making it safer in all aspects. There are lots of things that technology can replace in the real world to change it for the best.


  1. What should we expect next from Fashinnovation? Are you planning to bring more industries together?

International and Global projects – can’t say too much but stay tuned as something new and exciting is coming by end of 2020! We will bring supply chain from A to Z together into one conversation – this is necessary for us to advance.


    11. Do you have any book or movie recommendation on the topic of sustainable fashion?

ASAP – As Sustainable As Possible As Soon As Possible by Oskar Metsavaht, Founder of Osklen.


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