We See Double With This Burberry Christmas Campaign 

Riccardo Tisci launched his first holiday campaign for Burberry and is totally unexpected. When you think about Christmas Holidays, you have in your mind the classical picture with Santa Claus in his red suit, some snow, reindeears and happy people, but instead Burberry’s Holiday campaign is nothing like Christmas. There are no gifts, no Christmas trees or red clothes. We see just big names and theirs double portraits.

Riccardo Tisci chose six big names to be the faces of his first holiday camping and we see double as their portraits are splinted in two. M.I.A, Juno Calypso, Kristen Scott Thomas, Valerie Morris-Campbell, Naomi Campbell and Matt Smith are the stars that Riccardo Tisci wanted for his new project. The images were shot by Calypso, a British artist and photographer.

The ex-Givenchy designer already left his mark on Burberry’s production and it was one of the first brands to announce going fur-free and banned the destruction of products on future collections.

These are just some teaser images of the brand. The official release of the campaign is set to take place on November 13.

Foto: Burberry