Shoes – Summer Trends 2021

Shoes – Summer Trends 2021

If 2020 was the pure definition of comfort, this summer comes with interesting trends in footwear: a mix of well-being, but with a fun and bold appearance. After such a long period in which people have prioritized their wellness, the search for comfort in all aspects has now become an important point of reference. Although there are brave style changes, our long period of staying inside the house has left its mark on the shoe design and made us want some courageous expression.

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Square shoes
This type of shoe seems to return gloriously both on the catwalk and street fashion. The square toes give a vintage, minimalist air (depending on the model), a bold and powerful look.

Miista, Sally Crab Heel by Laura Villasenin


Chain detailing
People are starting to look for socialization, fun and to be around others. The accessorization with chains reflects the desire to bring our social life back, determination, power, but also a kind of luxury expression. These shoes can turn any casual outfit into one that turns all eyes on you.

Neiman Marcus, Gianvito Rossi Shoes


After the platforms have returned to trends, they were adapted so their sole became a flat surface. Nothing can get us out of the comfy state that has gloriously taken over all our activities.

Dr. Martens Blaire Flatform Sandals


Mules were super popular in 16th century Europe and were only worn in the bedroom (bedroom slippers). In the meantime, they have adapted and became a very fashionable accessory, especially in this period when we want to feel our steps as easy as in our comfortable slippers.

Oscar de la Renta


Do you want a 70s look? Then wear those clunky clogs with some wide-leg jeans or a hippie dress and you’re ready for a trip back in time. If you are not the nostalgic type, you may want to style them in more personal ways and be a fashionable visionary.



Kitten heels
The 90s did a comeback this season, which means the decade of the supermodels too. If you just want to feel a little bit like Naomi Campbell or Linda Evangelista, grab your kitten heels and let yourself feel fabulous on your imaginary catwalk.

Mandarina Shoes


Padded sandals
What is more important than a pair of shoes that look comfortable to feel just as good? This trend seems to be more and more popular: quilting has started from jackets, bags, and now shoes. What’s next?

Gia Couture, Padded touch-strap sandals


Sporty sandals
The world began to exercise in the pandemic and to be physically active. This lifestyle had a massive impact on the clothing style, through small but visible details. The sports sandals are the result of such influences and can be worn on different occasions: walks, meetings with your friends, maybe on the road to the beach or to a party where you want to be a nonconformist.



Fisherman’s sandals
I think you probably know this kind of sandals from your childhood and it’s very likely that you hated them back then. As the utilitarian style is still on the rise, the search for practical clothing has brought this ionic footwear to the surface of styling.



So, this summer offers you a variety of shoe models, you just have to decide how you want to feel and what you want to express through your styling.

Pictures courtesy of each brand

An article by Evelina Tanasie

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