#ModicReview – Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

#ModicReview – Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

Here are the highlights of Milano Fashion Week you need to know. From Prada to Versace’s ’90 nostalgia, from Dolce & Gabbana family reunion and self-acceptance to Missoni’s 65 year anniversary, we all experienced an intense fashion week. This is #ModicReview – Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019


#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

Dolce & Gabanna

Dolce & Gabbana SS 2019 collection represented the inclusivity at its best. Domenico and Stefano are masters when it comes to putting on stage an Italian passeggiata and their main goal was to make people feel good about themselves.

“Each one of us is the king or queen of our own lives!” Dolce declared

The runway was taken over by smiling grandmothers, daughters, sisters, children, boyfriends and husbands. The collection included more than 150 looks and the cast of the show was a special one. Monica Bellucci, Carla Bruni, Isabella Rossellini, Elettra and her grandchild, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova, Marpessa Hennink, and Ashley Graham were just a few of the big names who walked for Dolce & Gabbana. The clothes were extraordinary, with a touch of traditional feminity, elaborate and amazingly embroidered.


#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019


For her SS 2019 collection, Victoria Etro took us on a trip from the surfing scene of California to Hawaii and from there to Japan. Entitled “Pacific Zen”, the collection represents the equilibrium between mindfulness and sports.

Victoria Etro talks about the traveler inside her, how she wanted to find “this balance between the mindfulness, the spiritual and the more physical thing, as if she’s balancing the two.”

The designer took her inspiration from “the skate and surfing scene of California, and the denim and the calligraphy of Japan, the Pacific, and Hawaii. It’s really about being free, joyous.” And to give this sporty touch to her collection, she cast to walk in her show two real-life surfer girls. Victoria Vergara and Maribel Koucke are world top 10 ranked surfers and their smiles instantly compelled the auditory. The collection is an abundance of floral motifs, prints and Etro’s unique style mixed in a glorious way.

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#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019


Marni’s Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection is all about the work of an artist in his studio: “It started with the processes of the work in the studio, and thinking of it as a painter’s canvas, which keeps changing and modifying in the trials and mistakes—suddenly, that becomes the work itself.”

The collection is called “Mattress Recipe” and Risso found his inspiration from the painters and the sculptors how create and get their hands dirty. We could see how a raw white canvas becomes a dress or a skirt and the prints remind us of the Greco-Roman statues and portraits.


Missoni is celebrating 65 years of fashion and is doing it with grace, style and with a collection dedicated to those famous gossamer yarns. Presented during a late summer night, with the breeze playing in your hair, on piano chords, the women’s and men’s collection was a journey that started with pastel colors that got darker with the passing of time. Cardigans, kimonos, ruffled skirts and loose pants all blended harmoniously for Missoni’s Spring-Summer 2019 ready-to-wear collection.

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#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019


Muccia Prada presented her Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection at Fundazione, the institution dedicated to art, and she wanted to make sure that fashion occupies the same place as art does.

Muccia’s collection is mainly dedicated to the youth. We could see cycling shorts, A-line tunics, baby doll dresses, Prada logos, bodysuits and the sheer black knee-highs and all made us feel like school girls.

“I wanted to break the rules of the classic. To discuss a wish of freedom and liberation and fantasy, and, on the other side, the extreme conservatism that is coming—the duality out there.” – said Muccia Prada


#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019

#ModicReview - Milano Fashion Week Spring 2019


Vresace Spring-Summer 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection was a bit nostalgic and was dreaming about the ’90s and ’00s as we could see so many references marching in front of our 2018 eyes. To name a few: leather miniskirts and dresses. The iconic scarf motif was omnipresent form dresses to oversized denim and tights, and also the bright colors were a boost of energy and happy thoughts.

Donatella Versace left for the final part of the show the sophisticated, silky, sexy black dresses, just to cool us down a little. Let’s not forget that Donatella Versace is so kind with us and she is sending the message that even next season we can definitely wear sneakers with evening dresses. See Bella Hadid, who rocked the runway in her minidress.

Photo: Imaxtree

Cover photo: Cornel Petrus 


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