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AVAION is a German singer-songwriter, DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He creates his musical soundscape by combining organic instrumental elements with intensely danceable electronic accents. With his debut song “Pieces” he received the platinum award. He has over 100 million Spotify streams and certified gold status in Germany, Switzerland and Hungary.

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1. Your music is a mix of organic instrumental elements and deeply-dance electronic accents. Do you have a continuous source of inspiration when writing songs and making music?

Inspiration comes quite organically. I just enjoy sitting in my studio and randomly jamming around until I find something useful that gets my mind into the flow of starting a new song. When it comes to lyrics, I find inspiration from my own real-life experiences, emotions, and interpretations of the world around me. 

2. When or how did you realize that music is suitable for you? Do you consider music as a hobby or a job?

Music has always played a big role in my life. As a kid, I used to plug my headphones into my CD player and listen to music while closing my eyes and meditating on it. From a young age, I was always so connected to music and the feelings it gave me. Music is my passion ultimately.

3. You are a multitalented human being, singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and DJ. What do you prefer the most?

I think I enjoy them all at the same level because they all have their special emotions and are active in different parts of my creativity. The only thing that I always struggle with is the singing part because I’m super self-critical when it comes to my voice, but I think that’s normal for many vocal artists.

4. When did you write your first song? What inspired you then?

I started producing in my teenage years and I also fully produced my first songs around that time, but I think the actual first song that I wrote was when I was a younger kid. I used to have a notebook for musical ideas, I would write down the notes that I composed and let my cousin sing the lyrics that I had written. At this time, I would have been around seven or eight years old.

5. Which is your favorite part, creating the instrumental or writing the lyrics?

For me, it’s got to be creating the instrumental. My music is focused on the vibe of the melodies and the emotions they evoke, and I think that comes out the most in my productions.

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6. You write with intimate, deep soul, and relatedness, making your listeners believe you wrote for them. Do you think that your music is well understood by your fans?

The most important part for me is that every listener writes their story to accompany the song. There is no one big message. There is room for everyone to make their interpretation of what my music means and how it makes you feel.

7. Your newest song “Broken” is very emotional. Do you believe that what you want to say in your songs is well understood by your audience?

As I said before, for me it’s important that everybody feels differently about the song and can relate their way to it. “Broken” in particular can be related to feelings of heartache, which is where I wrote it from, but I’m sure it will have other connotations for different people. That’s the joy of music, I guess.

8. What inspired you to write your latest song “Broken” ? It is something that you felt or just an inspiration?

“Broken” is about the experience of a toxic relationship that I went through for the last two years. I wrote the song over a year ago when I was fully in the feelings and then I put the track to the side. Only now, did I feel that I had processed the situation enough to finish it and release it.

9. What was your first interaction with music?

It’s always been there, but I think my earliest memory of music was sitting in the car with my dad and he played Romanian music.

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10. You are listened to by millions of people and are known as an international musician. Which are your goals in this industry?

I want to reach as many people as possible and give them the same feeling that I feel when I zone out into music. I also want to motivate people to stay focused on their dreams and do what they love no matter the obstacles they face.

Interviewed by Andrada-Bianca Negru

Photo credits courtesy of Thilo Lehnert

Thanks to Urban Rebel PR

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