#ModicEditorial: Chameleons

#ModicEditorial: Chameleons

Today’s #ModicEditorial: Chameleons rises the question, “can we call people chameleons?” The visual story is about how people can change their appearance and behavior depending on the environment. It is said that being chameleonic  is a bad characteristic of a person who adjusts to situations and wears “masks” . Every day we change, every day we behave differently as there are no similar situations in life. It’s normal to be different and it’s normal if “Who are you?” is one of the hardest questions for you to answer. The nature motives are used in order to show the connection between man and a chameleon. Our characters are merging with trees, stones, water, grass and are becoming just a part of nature the same as a chameleon that changes it’s colors based on what surrounds him.


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Photographer: Sveta Maximova
Producer: Artemy Chukrov
Stylists: Sergey Spiridonov Vika Fomina 
Make Up: Valentina Bezrukova 
Models: Vadim Troev Almira Ambrosyeva 


ModicEditorial-Chameleons 2

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