Modic Editorial: Silent City

Modic Editorial: Silent City

A visual story inspired and based on the drastic change of Bilbao’s scene due to the current lockdown. Today’s editorial, Silent City is showcasing how even in a desolate environment beauty still finds a way to shine through the cracks and reanimates the once “never sleeping” city. Reminding us of the importance of continuing to display creativity no matter our surroundings.

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Photographer: Leire Cavia
Models: Naiara Guerra & Naiara Álvarez @Martina Models
Hair Stylist: Alazne Montero
Makeup Artist: Alba Herrera 
Fashion Designers: DossisdesigsEder Aurre & Charo Azcona & Santiago Zambrana

Modic Editorial-Silent City

Modic Editorial: Silent City

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