Highlights of the MDVTM Gala

Highlights of the MDVTM Gala

MDVTM Gala is an event hosted every year by the University of  Arts and Design from Timisoara, Romania. The end of each school year culminates with a gala where all the students present their collections and visions. This is the starting point for their career in the fashion industry. This year’s event brought into the light 22 young talented students, that have in front a lifetime of adventures and experiences, but they all share the same passion: the love for fashion.

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Is to be appreciated that from one event to another, the MDVTM  Gala improves. The organizers are paying attention to the details and try to make it memorable for the students and for their guests. This year’s edition took place inside a new office building, which had an amazing view of the city.

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This being said, I had the pleasure to discover 22 fresh ideas. Some of them really caught my attention due to their complexity and hard work. MDVTM Gala had a bit of everything: classic lines, street style, Victorian elements, all kinds of prints, contemporary visions, manifests against the rules and gender discrimination, the grace of ballet and an world governed by the apes. Check out all the collections and choose your favorite. The ones that were most appreciated were: “Nutumult” by Andreea Isabela Cuciureanu, “OutOfTime” by Andreea Plesa, “Culture of excess” by Mirela Cioara and  “You got(d) me” by Negovan Cristiana.

Highlights of the MDVTM Gala

Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Alexandru Pruteanu – Street Apes


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Andreea Isabela Cuciureanu – Nutumult


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Andreea Plesa – OutOfTime


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Balan Alexandru – Open the gates


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Blajovan Andreea – A fost odata…


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Boroica Emilia – Nothing is enough


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Csiszar Borbala Point of view


Highlights of the MDVTM Gala
Casonatto Iosefina – Mari Rosa


Chiriac Bianca – Alien Apocalypse


Claudia Negulici – Spacer Woman


Dombrov Maria – ADN


Horga Raluca – Run for the hills


Iovanas Iana – E-Motion


Kelemen Flavius – (Monsters) under my bed


Linzenbold Vanessa – Thalassophile


Mirela Cioara – Culture of excess


Negovan Cristiana – You got(d) me


Nora Kovacs – Niliria. G-Dragon Tribute


Orboi Adina – Mermaid that grew legs


Petrican Sonia – Happiness has no gender


Ungureanu Denisia-Cornelia – Regasire


Virag Elisabeth – Hygge


Runway foto by Ewald Gruescu / Gala MDVTM 2019

Cover foto by Ciprian Daraban