5 Must Have Bags in 2019

We can’t live without bags! They are our must day to day accessory and are making our life so much easier. Here are 5 must have bags that should be in your wardrobe in 2019. Different shapes, colors and textures, they are all going to complete your look and make it unforgettable.

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Brandon Maxwell/ Spring-Summer 2019

The Ultimate Accessory

The ultimate accessory? A Bottle of Wine in Brandon’s Maxell Bag. As wine is the best drink in the world, Brandon Maxwell found a way to keep you hydrated all the time. Next spring take you’re bag and conquer the world.

Emporio Armani / Spring-Summer 2019

Bigger Is Better

Now that the micro bag trend is over, time has come to pull out the big guns. Whether you’re carrying around your gym equipment, a laptop, paperwork or a week’s worth of groceries, don’t worry ‘cause the designers have got your back! The bags designed for the SS’19 season are designated for the working woman who needs to feel fashionable and at the same time get through the day prepared. You can check out those lifesaving babies in the collections of Versace, Michael Kors or Emporio Armani.

Bureberry / Spring-Summer 2019

Belt-Bag To Another Level

Who says that you can’t be elegant and mysterious while wearing a belt-bag around your waist? Burberry made it possible because it changed the thick belt with a  golden chain. The effect is feminine, soft and shapes your body perfectly. Don’t hesitate to accessorize your red carpet outfit with this belt-bag.

Chanel / Spring-Summer 2019

Double Bag For Crazy Working Days

Wearing two bags is not that unusual when you leave the house in the morning and you get back at 11 pm. How can you manage to carry your laptop, gym stuff and other necessary objects with you all day if not by using two or more bags? The designers got inspired and transcended this trend on the runways. So don’t you ever think that you look ridiculous carrying two bags because now it’s a must. Match them as Chanel did and you are good to go.

Nicole Miller – New York

Bucket Bag

You have to buy asap a Bucket Bag because tt’s so chic and versatile. You can create at least 10 distinct looks for different occasions and it will still be a perfect match for each one. For sure, you’ll fall in love with it!

Foto: Shutterstock / Imaxtree