Stella McCartney Sustainable Eyewear

Stella McCartney Sustainable Eyewear

This is the future and one of the greatest news that we’ve received in 2019. Stella McCartney launched a sustainable eyewear collection and she delivers luxury in one of the most eco-friendly possible ways. And we love it!

So the queen of conscious fashion strikes again with a sustainable eyewear collection that uses bio-acetate instead of harmful Diethyl Phthalate, which is derived from petroleum.

Stella McCartney Sustainable Eyewear

Let’s see what bio-acetate is!

“Made from responsibly-harvested wood pulp, this is a natural, renewable and biodegradable alternative that is better for our ecosystem and the environment. All frames in this collection, including the logo and cat-eye sunglasses in the film, are composed of over 50% bio-acetate—one of the many steps we are taking to cut down on plastics.”

Stella McCartney chose the model Lindsey Wixson to be the face of this campaign and she posted playful videos on Instagram account to announce this new project.

Wixson is taking us on a trip in a jungle full of dinosaur sculptures, where she makes sure we understand that fossil fuels are formed over millions of years from the remains of living organisms.

The new eyewear collection is made without the use of these fossil fuels and it replaces the harmful Diethyl Phthalate, derived from petroleum, with bio-acetate.

Stella McCartney Sustainable Eyewear

Stella McCartney Sustainable Eyewear

Stella McCartney ensures us that she will keep up with her work and she will deliver also other forms of sustainable products.

“We have pledged to eliminate all unnecessary and problematic plastics by 2025. By this deadline, we are also committed to ensuring that 100% of plastic can be easily and safely reused, recycled or composted, circulating the plastic produced and making it into new packaging or products.”

“We will continue to search for alternatives to harmful plastics and pursue new technologies as we work toward a more sustainable future.”

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