#ModicReview – AltaRoma

This year’s creations and work of young talents and fashion start-ups were presented at the Altaroma’s event that took place during 31th of January and 2nd of February 2023 in the Renaissance Palaces. In the three-day program of fashion shows, great talents managed to bring unique and contemporary creations to the stage being part of this creative world of fashion.
Creativity, sustainability, innovation, are some of the terms that describe the way designers show their vision through fashion design. Among the many collections presented, some of the emerging designers are:


Founded in 2017 by designer Bum-Mokoo, it’s a brand whose vision is functionality transposed through a futuristic aesthetic and high-quality garments by reworking the latest generation fabrics and materials. The 2023/2024 F/W Collection ‘Descendent of Warriors’ is the true representation of the relationship between design manipulation and material technology. Mokoo presents a S-shape silhouettes combined with fabric effects and the signature biomorphic air-gel and magnet discs, which represents the brand’s characteristics: innovative working methods.


Founded by Satoshi Kuwata, Setchi it’s a brand that represents the fusion of two cultures: the Japanese and Western concepts and gives importance to sustainability. The brand creates functional garments born from this fusion, inspired by the simple objects and the F/W Collection 2023-2024 ‘2D to 3D’ is transforming object creating the three-dimensional garments. Satoshi Kuwata created these structures around the body through outwear, dresses or pullovers, designed to be transformable and modular, putting accent on the main interest: functionality.


Canaku is a brand that presents Jurgen Canaku’s vision of the aesthetics and elegance of contemporary menswear fashion. The F/W 2023/2024 ‘No Dress Code’ collection focuses on formal men’s clothing but with a romantic touch, all merged into coats, costumes, and shirts. The romance note of the collection represents the contemporary men’s fashion through the details on gloves, roses and tailoring details.


The brand was founded by Dennj Malaguti and the designer incorporates in the collections the cosmopolitan spirit formed by the international influences acquired from his many travels. These ideas are transposed through precision and the constant search for styling solutions. In the F/W 2023/2024 collection, Dennj precisely uses the play of transparencies, overlapped layers and the relationship between materiality.


Maragno it’s a brand founded in 2011 which has as the main concept the expression of every individual freedom and uniqueness, idea supported by genderless garments with oversized lines made from high-quality fabrics recovered from dead stocks. In the F/W Collection 2023/2024, Maragno presents these oversized pieces with a touch of neutral tones. The relationship between textures, fabrics and construction lines refer to the nature of stones: solid, concrete and mixt.


Saman Loira it’s an Italian fashion brand that creates based on expression of creativity, sustainability, with a natural and romantic aesthetic. The Saman Loira 2023/2024 Collection presents a combination with bright tones of a natural world situated somewhere between fantasy, extravagance and austerity and beauty. The choice of fabrics and materials are also a combination of elegance and organic: from poplin, cotton to satin or lace, the collection successfully combines these two elements.


The Yekaterina Ivankova brand was founded in 2017 by the designer with the same name. The main characteristic of the brand is the reuse of vintage garments, modified into new higher-quality garments or materials. Her new F/W 2023/2024 Collection is based on the upcycled movement. Yekaterina presents a collection with zero impact on the environment and and outfits made of recycled and reused pieces. The aesthetic of the garments it’s a contemporary one but with a vintage touch mixing different pieces of clothing.

Continuing with care towards the environment and towards our planet,


Moroseta Bag is a niche production handcrafted brand founded in 2020 by the designer Martina Melchiorri. The concept for her new 2023/2024 Collection is based on bold colors and zero environment impact. The stronger the color is, the stronger the personality is. Moroseta Bag presents a series of accessories made to redefine a look or to complete an eclectic one.


Lucia Chain is an Italian-Argentinean brand which produces garments according to the principles of slow production. Supporting sustainability, in the F/W 2023/2024 collection Memoria, Lucia Chain presents the reconstruction of garments from destroyed textiles. The reconstruction gives to the article a new life combined from forgotten and untold stories forming together a slightly geometric composition.


Laura Visentin’s jewelry business is presented through series of handcrafted creations with a contemporary aesthetic. The lines, the curves, they are also minimalistic and organic, but the designer combines different materials in an innovative way that gives the uniqueness to the jewelry pieces. Laura Visentin wants to share with her new 2023/2024 Collection a contemporary accessory to a contemporary woman through experimental jewelry that represents the essence of creativity.

Written by Gregor Erin Beatrice

Photo credits courtesy of ALTAROMA

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