Fragments Of Sustainability In Eastern Europe

Romania, as almost all countries in Eastern Europe, experienced a difficulty in developing at any levels due to the years of communism, but lately things started to improve. The fashion industry is growing fast, the Romanian designers are making a stand around the world and, according to Statista, Romania showed a growth of 23,3% in fashion consumption only in 2018.

Romania brought to the stage also remarkable projects. We are talking about Feeric Fashion Week, which takes place every year in Sibiu and is considered the most important event in Eastern Europe and the most creative in the world. Feeric Fashion Week is helping emergent designers to send their message to the entire world, but also acknowledged designers want to be part of this feeric experience.

Another notable project is V for Vintage, which is a Romanian, based in Bucharest event and is the place where fashion lovers meet. They get in touch with the latest trends, discover vintage and newly born fashion at the same time and spend amazing moments together, making connections. Last days, in Bucharest took place the 21th V for Vintage’s edition and it has a great impact in the fashion industry.

V for Vintage as its name says is the place where to buy vintage fashion. Plastic crisis and all the problems that are imminent and destroying our planet are becoming more and more important for collective consciousness and also fashion industry started to take actions.

Vintage fashion is helping us to conserve the planet, not creating new packaging, new fabrics and accessories preserve the little that we have left. There are people who only wear a few times a clothing, so to pass it to someone else is a way to support eco-fashion. Vintage fashion is sustainability.

V for Vintage also promotes and helps young designers to get into the spotlight and have a real chance to make it into this amazing and also cruel fashion world. The best young designers form Arts and Design Universities from Bucharest, Cluj Napoca and Timisoara have the chance to show to the world their collections.

V for Vintage is supporting the sustainable fashion by promoting the young talents and the vintage lovers. All the new designers are more concerned that we have to make an important change. They are innovative and are constantly looking for new ways to use recyclable fabrics for their fresh designs.

They don’t use new plastic, they recycle it, they don’t use new fabrics, they recycle. They know that we have to use what it’s already out there in the world. They are saying NO to natural fur, to single-use products or plastics. When you combine this with vintage clothes, foot-ware or accessories, sustainable fashion is born.

Designer: Bianca Popp

Foto: Oltin Dogaru

Model: Antonia Anton

MUA: Diana Argesan