On the last day of the fashion shows, the students from UNARTE Bucharest presented the largest collective collection, of 40 pieces, in the geometric setting of the Boromir factory. 

UNArte Group collection 2023 presents to the audience a representative collection that covers all important areas of study of the Bachelor’s and Master’s courses of the Fashion Department within the National University of Arts Bucharest.

The 17 graduates of the 2023 Fashion design investigate complementary fashion areas with an obvious balance from current clothing to the conceptual garments and pieces made in an interdisciplinary manner as a result of fashion meeting technology.

The artistic production and accessories from the UNArte Group collection 2023 are extracted from unique personal concepts, with heterogeneous artistic references, but all refer to universally valid themes such as space and form, texture and matter, natural or artificial, polarity or reality and its reflection.

The young designers understand that fashion is a suitable medium for their emotional and social messages to be transposed in various ways as in the form of contemporary solutions or clothes that cross poetic zones celebrating the artistic expressiveness of an absolute creative impulse.

In the afternoon, we returned to the past, to the Warp of Times. The event was a manifest journey, in the footsteps of the textile heritage of Șara Făgărașilor and took place at Cine Gold Sibiu. The last individual presentation of this edition took place on the pedestrian walkway that connects the courtyard of the Brukenthal Museum to the Împaratul Romanilor hotel.  The public saw here the collective collection made by the students of the UFEG Faculty in Ukraine. 

Ukrainian Fashion Education Group (UFEG) will present at Feeric Fashion Week a collection that survived the bombings.

Before the outbreak of war, our students created the concept of Cyber Angels, exploring the fusion of spirituality and technology in the 21st century man. Today, this collection takes on an even deeper meaning, as a confirmation that angels are not afraid of bombs.

Costumes and accessories that survived the bombing of the UFEG building have been given a new life and will be presented at Feeric Fashion Week in Sibiu.

How does the divine realm intertwine with the earthly realm? Who are we as humans in this digital age, where the virtual and physical worlds seamlessly merge and our digital identities transcend cyberspace? Can we transform our existence into a conscious act that not only does no harm to any other being, but also provides a life-giving force? These questions were defining for the designers of the UFEG group collection. And we strongly believe that the time for change has arrived. It is an opportunity for us to accept personal responsibility, to discover happiness, to exist together in different worlds, to express infinite love and to get a little closer to the angels…

Using state-of-the-art technologies, our graduates were able to not only create gorgeous art-inspired outfits, but also incorporate giant 3D masks that provide control over facial recognition, allowing wearers to maintain their unknown status but bypass facial recognition.

As every year, the Feeric Gala drew the curtain on Feeric Fashion Week. Huet Square hosted the collections signed by Georgia Chioni from Athens Fashion Club, Kimono & Me, La blouse Roumaine, Bushra Al Hajjar, and the students of the Faculty of Textile Technology of the University of Zagreb and the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Chisinau. 

Athens Fashion Club (Georgia Chioni)

The collection is inspired by a movie script titled ‘One Night in Eden’ and is called ‘ASSANINA’. The word „Assanina” is an old female name from my place of origin, the island of Thassos in Greece, with origins in Slavic languages. It means „Shiny”. The script follows the lives of women who work as escorts in the night. Each one with her own problems and fears; insecurities that disappear into the darkness, hidden in impressive clothes. Disguised, they get lost in an expensive world, the one of dark desires. Thus, the collection visualizes the protagonists, that become one with the night, as it falls, hiding their problems behind precious masks, becoming, thus, someone else.

Kimono & Me


In this collection, there are pieces prepared by being influenced by the ocean and ocean habitat, which we witness today with regret for the damage they have suffered. Feelings are reflected by being inspired by the colors of the ocean, the grace of a flying fish, the curves of the waves, the arms of an octopus or the brightness of a fish.

The pieces that integrate with shiny surface fabrics, sequins, satin texture, tulle, pearls integrate with romantic lines. Often open front models and a different approach to the kimono also aim to use one piece…

With respect to nature, colors, all the beauties that heal our souls…

Instituto di Moda Burgo Qatar – Bushra Al Hajjar

The Abaya is a famous traditional women’s dress that is still one of the most preferred and used in a wide spread of several societies and cultures in the world, it has sustained its elegant uniqueness over long periods of time! and as a very talented fashion designer, Mrs Bushra Hajjar loves to express her pride to have had her inspiration by such beautiful traditions, and to have based upon them her modernised designs for this collection to produce stunning evening wears to show case of heritage reproduction in an advanced modernity.

The Abaya with its ornate, colorful and loosely floating fabrics as well as its brightened presence in many occasions, such as parties and weddings attracted Mrs Hajjar to extract the secret of touches that emerge the spirit of Abaya in her designs of modern evening dresses named “The Abaya Spirit” in which the combination between modernity and authenticity is set.

Each item of this collection of nine women’s evening wears, expresses a one of kind show case of a combination of fashionable modernity together with authentic simplicity in the Abaya spirit, for which is clearely visible in the explicit natural colors as well as in the colorfully printed fabrics that are harmonious to one another in a unique artistic manner.

University of Zagreb (Antonija Bracanović, Dino Dujić, Jagoda Kukulj )

Antonija Bracanović:The collection called The Future is Female “WWW2” was inspired by women from the 1940s who transforme from housewives into soldiers overnight.
It is based on military clothing infused with feminine elements, featuring pastel tones of pink and mint.
Throughout the collection, there are recurring elements such as ruffles and aprons, which symbolize the stereotypes imposed on women.
The design of the airplane model takes inspiration from the French bomber Flying Fortress B-17G, famously known as “The Pink Lady.”
This particular aircraft is the sole survivor that actively participated in the Second World War. The inclusion of the airplane in the collection represents female bravery, adaptability, and equality.

Dino Dujić: Tainted Idyll collection interprets the national costume of Zagreb and brings it modern approach that is based on recognizable elements such as traditional silhouette and colors. The collection incorporates figurative invasion of corruption that took place during construction of the new cable car station that disrupted idyll of the region and as such is incorporated into a new version of national costume that tries to strike a balance between tradition and modernism.

Jagoda Kukulj: The collection is based on the internal and external struggle of a man when he feels the fear caused by an object, person or a situation. In a word, the collection follows duality, the relationship between two closely related phobias. Color palettes along with cuts and fashion figures portray a dramatic, restless atmosphere. Monophobia, as the fear of isolation and solitude, and agoraphobia, that is, the fear of open space and public places, collide in the form of this fashion collection.

Faculty of Textile Technology, Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts Chisinau (Tatiana Brumă, Lungu Laura, Elena Rotaru)

The inspiration is an essential component of an artistic creation. This applies to fashion designers around the world, with artists getting inspired by colours, shapes and structures of the world surrounding them.

We invite you to take a look at the fashion world of the students from the Academy of Music and Fine Arts in Chisinau and find out what young designers are thinking when creating fashion collections.

The presentation includes 3 collections of graduates from the Fashion Design department. Each author has its own inspiration and each piece of clothing has a unique story and transmits a certain mood.
1. The collection “Align with your soulprint “ by Rotaru Elena had as an inspiration source the classic male suit – a strict and conservative structure that has not changed its basics over time. The classic male suit serves as a metaphor of society that tends to uniform the population by rules that do not subject to doubt.
2. The collection “You complete me” by Lungu Laura its inspired by the archetypes of Carl Jung, Anima and Animus.” Two archetypes that are part of each of us subconsciousness. The collection reflects the idea of the inner woman and the inner man and not least the self-acceptance without being judged by someone else.
3. In the collection ”Flame of Choice”, the designer Veronica Ternavschi tackles one of the most important social problems in the 21st century – the ecological crisis caused by human activity and by irrational consumerism.

Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University

All the way from Cairo, Egypt, The Neos and Cinco  groups Apparel and Technology design students from the Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University are presenting a ready to wear collection inspired by modern art, specifically the schools of Neo Expressionism & Expressionism.

Trends are a never ending cycle and we’re taking part of it with our vision and our style.
The collection was inspired by paintings of several artists which were turned into new self made patterns and were printed on 100% cotton fabrics. Focusing on SS ’23 trends such as daring colors, the main idea was turning casual clothing into art worn on our skin.

Feeric Fashion Week is an event organized by the Mitichi Foundation and co-financed by the Sibiu City Hall. Main partners: Ford Sibiu and Promenada Sibiu.