The second day of Feeric Fashion Week started with presentations in the Feeric Venue, with students from the University of Krakow and the International Balkan University. 

The theme of this years diploma showcase is innovation in fashion. See how young designers applied the theme to inspiratations, materials and new ways of constructing their own collections.

Alicja Zdral, Collection “ÆNTRO”: The theme of the collection is entropy and man set against the backdrop of Bauman’s liquid modernity. The designs were made mainly of natural fabrics as well as biofabrics in the form of kombucha leather and bioplastic from own experiments. They were subjected to the process of dyeing with plant-made dyes. The silhouettes combine the techniques of felting, draping and original design solutions.

Gabriela Nowak, Collection “F.W.T FutuREE Work Today”: A collection inspired by workwear in the context of modern architecture. Monochromatic silhouettes are full of streamlined shapes like buildings of the future. A futuristic collection created for young people who are not afraid to focus the eyes of others on themselves. A free, streetwear journey into the future. Unisex and oversize so it never restricts. You are not an ordinary person. You are a member of a futuristic world!

Ievgeniia Kumets, Collection “Secret garden”: The collection was created for a woman who is able to notice the beauty of nature, stop in the moment, feel herself its integral element. The main motifs of the collection are the shapes and colors of nature. The silhouettes combine techniques of crochet, fabric dying with further prints and 3D fabric plants. “If you look the right way, you can see that the whole world is a garden.” – Frances Hodgson Burn

Karolina Pabjanczyk, Collection “And Polish Movie is Simply… Boring”: Introducing “And Polish Movie is Simply… Boring”: Inspired by the captivatng Polish Poster School, this collection merges minimalistc and surrealistic elements. Deep tones, avant-garde cuts, and abstract paterns reflect the essence of Polish movie posters. Celebrate the fusion of fashion and film with this homage to art and design.

Karolina Siek, Collection “MENTAL SIDE”:The MENTAL SIDE collection, inspired by ADHD, confronts the problem of social ignorance and the resulting perception of the attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, mainly as a childhood disorder, with the real, multidimensional structure of the phenomenon. The collection combines original construction solutions, machine embroidery technique and embroidery on hydrophobic foil and includes original handmade crochet accessories.

Klaudia Nytko, Collection “Quiet Weather”: “Quiet Weather” is a collection that was created as a reminiscence of my stay in Iceland where I left a piece of my heart. The completed models are fall memories of the island and the hope of returning. Thinking about the second circulation of textiles, for the most part, I made clothes from textiles and yarns from upcycling which made my my collection unique and interesting, just like Iceland – the thing that you can see only in one place and there will never be a second one like that.

Maciej Nodzenski, Collection “ANNIHILATION”:Inspired by the death of the coral reef, a reflection of everyday life, which loses its color, form, and intensity from day to day. Author’s own handmade prints and painted fabrics, quilting with PVC foil, textiles made by felting and self customized shoes. Whole collection was hand sewn by the designer.

International Balkan University – Faculty of Art and Design

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the designer. Fashion designers had found themselves motivated by the forms and phenomena of nature, searching for ways to incorporate and interpret nature trough their work. Second year students from the Department of Fashion, Faculty of Art and Design at the International Balkan University worked on a nature inspired themes for their collections that will be presented on Feeric Fashion Week.
Everything that is created in nature ends back in nature and vice versa. Today, more than ever, the designer takes the role of nature’s protector. The contemporary designer makes deliberate, conscious and responsible decisions while participating and influencing all stages of the design and production processes. First year students from the department of fashion, Faculty of Art and Design – IBU worked on redesigning and upcycling old clothes, introducing them to a new life, away from the textile waste.

Synergia returns to the attention of the public in Sibiu through an unique collection that has as a piece of resistance the classic sweatshirt, reinterpreted and presented in the form of a mini-collection comprising 7 single outfits. The designer eliminates the conventional and classic structure of a sweatshirt and reconstructs using asymmetrical cutouts, exaggerated proportions that exceed the limits of the design so as to reach an unique harmony between the body volume and the clothing product. The emphasis is on making products that, through their uniqueness, blur the line between fashion and art. In terms of chromatics, black and white predominates and the color accents and texture present on certain areas of the products are applied manually using different artistic techniques such as the use of spray, templates, acrylic for textiles fluorescent color and are chromatically inspired by the visual identity of Promenada Sibiu respectively red, yellow, blue, green and orange. The logo becomes an abstract modular texture on textile surfaces in combination with manually applied 3D textures that turn the final outfit into a unique product. At the same time, the product is a true indicator of contemporary time and space. Permanent urban development determines the contouring of a versatile character, the combination of French terry materials and strips with accessories from the sports like bands, metal elements etc. allow interventions that change the volume, reshape the outfit until individualization. The one who wears the product has the power to transform it, to recalibrate it in accordance with the specifics of his own personality.

In the afternoon Hooldra and Alexandru Fediuc from the University of Arts in Iași presented two new collections at Festival Lake and in the evening, Feeric Fashion Week guests arrived at Colț de Rai for an equestrian presentation, where thoroughbred horses intersected with the pieces of the collection made by the University of Arts and Design in Cluj Napoca.

The „Unidentified” collection is made by Alexandru Fediuc, a graduate of the „George Enescu” National University of Arts in Iasi. This collection is made as a manifesto, to draw attention to the fact that unidentified victims are not just a number, on the contrary, they have a past, friends and family. Physical identity and the individual’s presence in the material world end upon death. And still, the way that person influenced others and the mark they made can continue to exist.

Feeric Fashion Week is the first fashion week in the world to join the #FurFree #FreeBlack initiative initiated by Humane Society International, and part of the #FurFreeRetailer programme. More than 1.7 million people have signed the petition to the European Commission calling for a ban on fur farms and the fur trade across Europe. World-renowned brands have joined the movement: Dolce&Gabanna, Prada, Furla, Versace, Gucci, and many more – over 1500 in total. Hooldra has also signed the document declaring itself a #FurFreeFashion Designer and #FurFreeRetailer partner, joining the movement to stop the killing of animals for fur. The Hooldra 2023 collection is created by emerging designers, students and graduates of art and design faculties in Romania. The collection proposes a sustainable vision of today’s fashion, an activist movement against the abusive consumerism that currently dominates the clothing industry. Starting from denim as a basic material, the collection proposes a multitude of creative visions and personal approaches under the unity of materiality. Besides the main aim to promote the reduction of material consumption, the HOOLDRA concept also challenges creativity and vision to create continuity in the clothing field using already existing, common resources to create innovative products.

University of Arts and Design Cluj-Napoca

The group collection of BA and MA graduates from the 2023 promotion of Fashion Department, UAD, Cluj, represents a thorough analysis of several concepts, showing contemporary influences through dynamic forms, as well as a clarity of volumes and styles approached.

The clothing ensembles of BA students are made with various techniques for handling textile materials – manual embroidery or material perforations to play the transparency and elegance of the outfits, turning them into unique pieces. Prototypes from the BA collections were made in the UADFASHION workshop.

BA Coordinators: Lect.univ.dr ALINA ANDREICA, Lect.univ.dr. ANCA-LUIZA ZAHARIA.

One of the articulated subjects from the group collection is sustainability and upcycling. Therefore, regarding the materials used by the MA graduates, sponsored by the Irina Schrotter brand, they made all the pieces presented from deadstock fabrics. This was a sponsored institutional partnership coordinated by IRINA SCHROTTER, together with her team.

MA Coordinator: Conf.univ.dr. LUCIAN BROSCĂȚEAN.

Feeric Fashion Week is an event organized by the Mitichi Foundation and co-financed by the Sibiu City Hall. Main partners: Ford Sibiu and Promenada Sibiu.