Fashion tourism

Fashion tourism


What is fashion tourism?

A niche segment of the market that mixes creative, cultural and shopping tourism all together. It can be defined as the interaction between trade associations, tourism suppliers and host communities.

How does fashion tourism work?

Fashion Weeks are the starting point for many destination marketing organizations to take fashion as a new anchor for their tourism industry and the general economy of a country. By constantly pushing fashion week trade events into the public eye, awareness about the location’s fashionable credentials is raised and that encourages visitors to consider traveling to that specific location.

Who are the prime-movers?

The global “Big Four” fashion capitals: Paris, London, Milan, New York.. oh, New York! Back in 1943, the first-ever fashion week was held in The Big Apple. It’s main reason was to give buyers alternatives to French fashion during World War II, when the borders were closed and people were not able to travel to Paris.

Is shopping a real tourism motivator?

When traveling, visitors are increasingly considering shopping to be a way to experience local culture through an engagement with local products. There is a trend within shopping tourism for consumers from emerging markets to plan their trips according to where high-end fashion brands are cheapest. This is less about “the chic” of buying from the point of origin and more about the economic interest of each individual.

How much influence does the fashion industry have on tourism?

The importance of fashion tourism cannot be under-estimated for sure. Every passing year it seems like shopping cities are making it to the top preferred holiday destinations. Individual luxury fashion brands also play a major part in a city’s marketing on fashion tourism. Cultural tourism is the subset of fashion tourism concerned on a country’s culture. Specifically, the lifestyle of the inhabitants is the experience that tourists want to live.

Now that we understood how fashion tourism works I believe it is time to find out our top 5 fashion-related touristical destinations that are safely accessible during summer 2021 and can offer you a fresh perspective on style.

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  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Experience – Fashion for Good Museum

You can enjoy a personalized one-on-one tour and discover Good Fashion as it is, a journey. It’s not just about how you buy clothes, but also how you consider the role of fashion in your life. A curated closet, a preference for sustainable materials, a commitment to treasure your clothes — what it looks like is entirely up to you.

Fashion Tourism


  1. Florence, Italy

The Gucci Garden Museum

Born in 1921, the brand’s history is shown with clothing, accessories, video installations and a highly popular ‘selfie’ wall emblazoned with the famous GG monogram. The goal of the immersive Gucci Garden experience is to “curate a wide range of pieces from collections dating back to the House’s Florentine origins”.

3.Getaria, Spain

Cristobal Balenciaga Museum

The museum has a program of tours and activities that promise to transform your visit into a unique experience while learning about the profile of Cristobal Balenciaga and his important role in the history of fashion and design. During the 4 hours-long workshop you will be able to experiment textile techniques in small groups with tasks that are methodologically adapted and accessible for everyone.

2.Granville, France

Christian Dior Museum

Christian Dior’s childhood home in Normandy, Villa les Rhumbs, is a masterpiece on a clifftop that debuted as a museum in 1988. Every year since 1997, a temporary exhibition is held here on the theme of Christian Dior’s fashion creations and the fashion house that bears his name.

1.Paris, France

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

It is located in the legendary hôtel particulier at 5 avenue Marceau where Yves Saint Laurent spent nearly thirty years designing his collections from 1974 to 2002. The same building serves as the headquarters of the Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent. You’ll have to wait in a long line if you didn’t buy your tickets in advance—the museum, which puts on rotating exhibitions of Saint Laurent’s most iconic works, is quite popular.

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