Apoldist for the change

You may wonder how can an e-commerce be associated with the word sustainability when everything that comes with consumerism goes against the values of the word aforementioned?

It may come as a surprise, but a solution has been found. We introduce you to Apoldist, the first platform that is promoting a unique & sustainable shopping experience, offering a buyback discount for the listed items, in exchange of your old/ vintage clothes.

Now let’s talk for a second about the listed items as they surely and happily add a note of uniqueness to the platform. There is no wonder emerging designers nowadays do not lack in creativity nor they do in talent. Apoldist is offering a curated selection of young talents, some of whom have just started their brands, or even more, have just graduated design universities. So if you seek to support these talents, now you know where to find them. On the same pages of the e-commerce, you may find established designers, and the good news do not stop here. Some of them use sustainable fabrics, while others create unique items, and surely all of them are operating ethically and are carefully chosen in accordance with the spirit of the e-shop.

Going further with the good news, we want to bring at your attention all the sustainable aspects of Apoldist, which are not few. Once you decide what to purchase, you will be offered a discount in exchange of your old/ vintage clothes which goes up to 20 %. Who said buyback goes only for cars and home appliances? It can (from now) go as well for clothes. And worry not, your old items won’t end up in a landfill, but instead, they enter an upcyling process, they undergo cleaning and repair procedures, and are later to be found under the brand HOOLDRA on the same platform.

As by now we most certainly accustomed you to good news, we do not plan on stopping here.

As packaging are delivery are real problems when it comes to projects such as Apoldist, the team behind have thought at all the details as it follows: the packaging is nothing more and nothing less than a reusable bag made out of organic fabric, embroidered and handmade by local craftswomen from the city of Sibiu, Transylvania, and packaged in a compostable mailer. The certified home compostable mailer bags break down into water, carbon dioxide and organic matter in a composting environment. Made from bio-based materials, they are a great alternative to traditional poly mailers. The double adhesive strip makes them reusable for return items.

And when you think delivery is the least sustainable and you are more than sure there is nothing to be done regarding it, Apoldist is here to prove us all wrong, as they have teamed up with DHL and opted for the Go Green service. This includes the calculation of carbon emissions in transport through a specialized instrument, offsetting carbon emissions through carbon management activities by DHL and the annual certification of these clearing activities by Societe General de Surveillance.

Ok, ready for the cherry on top? Packaging, delivery and custom duties are borne by Apoldist, so you won’t have any costs added to your shopping cart.

Nothing more to add except a personal note from the team behind: “We, the team of Apoldist, encourage you to invest in long lasting design, dress effortlessly, make conscious choices, be material wise, wear clothes that matter, and never refuse to reuse fashion.”