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The Yalu Group has established a new high-end brand, Yaloo Diamax, which is founded on the core cultural concept of fearless radiance. This concise yet impactful declaration not only showcases the brand’s commitment to product quality and design innovation, but also emphasizes the unique position of this series among high-end brands.

Yaloo Diamax is a perfect embodiment of the concept of high luxury and superior fabric technology. Whether it be in terms of warmth, comfort, or fashion, it caters to the diverse and multi-sensory needs of consumers.

A magnificent fashion spectacle unfolded on the grand stage of Milan as the Yaloo Group proudly presented its luxurious line of high-end down jackets, known as “YALOO DIAMAX,” in a dazzling debut at Milan Fashion Week. Showcasing the latest Fall/Winter 2023 collection, the event was graced by esteemed guests including Qi Wei, the global spokesperson for “YALOO DIAMAX,” Zhou Lijie, the brand ambassador, and beloved idol Yu Yan, alongside numerous luminaries from the world of fashion media and esteemed overseas fashion bloggers. Together, they witnessed the resplendent moments of this remarkable presentation.

Internationally acclaimed Italian designer Michele C and pioneering Chinese designer Tu Bowen collaborated to create a fusion of Chinese and Western aesthetics, delivering a mesmerizing display on the global stage. Tu Bowen’s expertise lies in seamlessly blending Western tailoring techniques with Eastern influences, infusing them with fresh, fashionable vitality and boundless creativity. Michele C, a versatile designer known for his expertise in clothing, particularly in coat and knitting design, showcased his comprehensive professionalism by being involved in every step of the creative process, from conceptualization to color and fabric selection, manuscript development, and fittings.

The “YALOO DIAMAX” collection embodies a visual language rooted in the concept of diamonds, reflecting the brand’s DNA of brilliance, luminance, and resilience. It forges a splendid and liberating lifestyle at the intersection of fashion and warmth. The aura, narrative, aesthetics, and exceptional life philosophy of “YALOO DIAMAX” are seamlessly woven into its design vernacular. Michele C brings a fresh international perspective, while Tu Bowen interprets the captivating allure of Chinese design in Milan, showcasing the might of Chinese creativity and the limitless potential of the “YALOO DIAMAX” collection to the world.

In the creation of this latest collection, the design approach starts with the core function of warmth, skillfully blending fashion and technological elements to redefine Yaloo’s brand positioning as a high-end luxury goose down innovator. “YALOO DIAMAX ” caters to the younger generation, using technology and quality as the product’s foundation, infusing “multi-sensory” experiences into daily life. It not only satisfies the desire of young individuals for comfortable, lightweight, and flexible down jackets but also incorporates elements of sportiness and fashion in its design, catering to multifaceted and profound life experiences. Each down jacket is meticulously crafted using the finest goose down materials and impeccable craftsmanship. The team ensures that every detail is carefully conceived and rigorously inspected, aiming to provide consumers with an exceptional and multi-sensory wearing journey.

“YALOO DIAMAX” stands at the forefront of Chinese down jackets, embodying the audacious spirit and dazzling style of the brand. With its exquisite artistry and distinctive design flair, it invites consumers into a fresh realm of comfort, quality, and multi-sensory living experiences. The unveiling of the “YALOO DIAMAX” collection signifies a significant milestone in the brand’s journey towards becoming a high-end leader in the fashion industry.

#ModicInterview with Tu Bowen

Can you tell us about your journey into the world of fashion design? What initially sparked your interest in this field?

I developed a strong interest in fashion at a young age. Whether it was admiring exquisite designs in magazines or personally sketching patterns and appreciating the texture of fabrics, I was deeply captivated by the world of fashion design. When it came time to choose my major, I had firm determination and chose to specialize in fashion design. I continuously strived to improve my skills and expand my professional knowledge. It was my strong resolve to transform my passion into a career, acquiring relevant education and expertise, and delving deep into the field of fashion design.

I have a profound passion for creating aesthetic beauty. Each design represents a creative process akin to crafting a work of art. I enjoy handpicking high-quality fabrics and materials, emphasizing attention to detail and craftsmanship. By flexibly incorporating elements such as color, cut, texture, and embellishments, I am able to construct visually stunning and captivating creations.

In summary, my interests revolve around fashion and the pursuit of creating beauty. Through personal design, I aim to express my unique vision and contribute to pushing the fashion industry towards a more sustainable and meaningful direction.

How would you describe your design aesthetic and the overall vision behind your eponymous label YALOO DIAMAX? Can you elaborate on the inspiration behind your last collection showcased at Milan Fashion Week and the themes you wanted to convey?

Yaloo Diamax Collection is a prestigious line within the long-standing brand, yaloo.We aim to ensure its vitality remains resilient and timeless. To achieve this, we utilize only the finest materials, guaranteeing exceptional product quality. Drawing inspiration from diamonds themselves, a symbol of excellence, we envision the YALOO DIAMAX products possessing both solid durability and captivating aesthetics. By using the best materials and employing meticulous craftsmanship, we will ensure that each item in YALOO DIAMAX exudes unparalleled quality and visual appeal.

What role does collaboration play in your work? Have you collaborated with other designers or brands, and if so, how has that influenced your creative output?

I see myself as an explorer and prospector, playing the role of someone who unearths and discovers hidden treasures. I have collaborated with numerous brands, both Chinese and international. My strength lies in quickly immersing myself in the project and accurately deciphering the style and characteristics of the collaborating partners, then carefully excavating and magnifying those unique attributes. These collaborations have provided me with invaluable experience. As a designer, creativity alone is not sufficient; it needs to be intertwined with practical considerations. Through these experiences, I have gained a clear understanding of what ideas can be realized and which ones may remain purely imaginative, saving significant amounts of time.

How does your background culture and environment influence your designs? Are there any specific elements of your roots that inspire you?

My Chinese cultural background and my experience living in the ancient city of Xi’an have had a profound influence on my design. I have a deep passion for traditional tailoring, embroidery techniques, and pattern designs, which I integrate into modern fashion. During my study abroad in Italy, I was exposed to global fashion trends and innovative technologies, broadening my perspective and inspiring diverse ideas. My design philosophy aims to blend Chinese traditions with international fashion elements, showcasing a unique and cross-cultural charm while conveying my personal artistic vision and aesthetic values.

What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as a fashion designer, and how have you overcome them?

As a fashion designer, one of the biggest challenges I face is creative block. We are human beings, not machines, and it’s unrealistic to expect a constant flow of creative desire and ideas. To overcome this challenge, I make it a point to travel regularly to different countries and immerse myself in diverse cultural experiences. By exploring various ethnic cultures, I can absorb inspiration that acts as a foundation for my next creative endeavor. These trips help rejuvenate my creativity and provide fresh perspectives, allowing me to break free from creative stagnation and continue pushing boundaries in my designs.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and aspirations for your brand? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

For me, the two most important things right now are, first and foremost, the preparation of my personal brand, TOOTOO. I hope to infuse into my own brand the knowledge and experiences I’ve gained over the years. The second priority is undoubtedly the second collaboration with YALOO DIAMAX. This year’s collaboration was a great success, but next year, I aim for it to be even more artistic and aligned with the current fashion trends.


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