#ModicInterview - Mariya Markina

#ModicInterview – Mariya Markina


Mariya is one of the faces who were super familiar and seen in the fashion magazines and on the best runways. Her fierce attitude and her gorgeous beauty made her one of the Models of excellence in the 2000’s, being especially one of the most prominent faces of the Haute Couture. We got the opportunity to talk to her about her vision of the industry and about her experiences. These are her words:

  1. Since very young, you became one of the most well-known faces in Runways. What is it that over the years has remained engraved in that gaze?

Working with the most known people in the industry and being able to bring their beautiful ideas bring to life.

  1. Can you tell us about a moment, which is impossible to forget in your career?

The day I met Raf Simons and he gave me an opportunity to open his debut collection for Jil Sander.

  1. What is the essence of Fashion for you?

The amazing ability of fashion to bring magic to ordinary life.

  1. All of your success is indisputable. Have you ever visualized yourself achieving those goals or has everything happened with the passing of life?

It was like a dream that happened accidentally, but with a lot of hard work and self discipline.

  1. How have you perceived the evolution of the industry over the time?

Well, like everything in life, the industry has changed. With all social media and new wave of influencers it looks different now. Personally, I`m very glad that I left my mark in the 00’s when the vibe felt more elegant and feminine.

  1. Based on your experience, do you think the industry is synonymous with coldness and impersonalization or is it just a myth?

I think it’s a myth. Through all my career, I met a lot of amazing people with extremely kind souls.

  1. Can tell us which are the side-downs of being a model and how the younger generations can avoid them?

I think one of the most dangerous parts of modeling could be a very strict diet that can bring many problems. So pay attention to your health and your inner peace.

  1. Like model a lot of young girls see in you an inspiration. Can you send a piece of advice to the new models generations?

Be kind, be honest, trust your journey and never compare yourself to others. You are unique.


#ModicInterview - Mariya Markina

#ModicInterview - Mariya Markina



An interview by Alejandro D Lomas


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