#ModicEditorial – THE MAN MACHINE

Can the synthesis of man and machine ever be stable, or will the purely organic component become such a hindrance that it has to be discarded? What a forced lifestyle our inventions imposed on our lives when we tried to live synonymously with machines, but is better when they become up-cycled treasures and wearable art. A story of a meeting between man and the mechanical object, a story made up of approaches and detachments, where the one merges with the other and where every well-defined border disappears.

Photography:  Nicola Biscaro – @nicolabiscaro

Styling:  Roberta Buttiglieri –  @roberta__buttiglieri

Styling assistant: Martina Penta – @martina.penta

Grooming:  Letizia Longo  – @oblak.mua

Model: Gorgui Toure at Brave Models Agency –  @gtoure18 at @bravemodels