#ModicEditorial – The states of consciousness

This editorial is an introspective message.
A journey within yourself, through the artist’s experience and her life, is an
invitation for everyone to understand who we are.

The journey inside begins,
looking through the mind windows we can see
the galaxy, we enter it…

…inside it we find ourselves, floating lost and confused in the galaxy…

we look at each other from the outside in every aspect of our life,
where we will always look different, and for this reason, making us even more confused
about who we are.

…when we are confused we think negatively and start to stain ourselves black inside,
until it takes possession of us and everything will be black

only after crossing the black side, we can go back
to the surface,
understand who we are, accept ourselves
and finding the balance between our inner and
outer part of ourselves.

Photography & Retouch: Marilù Venditti
Models: Keteryna Lakomova, Xin Xin Qu, Ana Taku, Yi Shu
Models Agency: 2mmodel, Per models, Abc models
Make-up, Hair, Nails: Valeria Roberti
Photography assistant: Matteo Pani
Location: Rw studio Milano

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