Experience a visual masterpiece as we presents “SILHOUETTE STROKES,” a riveting fashion editorial brought to life in collaboration with Feeric Fashion Week. This editorial transcends the boundaries of conventional style, celebrating the artistry of fashion through a dynamic interplay of silhouettes and strokes that blur the lines between reality and imagination.

Capturing the essence of modern elegance and avant-garde design, “SILHOUETTE STROKES” showcases a fusion of bold creativity and sartorial finesse. Each ensemble is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of movement and fluidity, with silhouettes that dance gracefully like brushstrokes on a canvas. From structured forms that command attention to ethereal fabrics that whisper tales of couture, every garment is a brushstroke in the tapestry of high fashion. The editorial’s visual narrative unfolds against a backdrop of artistic inspiration, with each frame telling a story of innovation and vision. As models stride down the set behind the curtains of Feeric Fashion Week, the interplay of light and shadow creates a mesmerizing spectacle, accentuating the intricate details of each silhouette. The fusion of textures, colors, and shapes forms a harmonious composition that speaks to the avant-garde spirit of the garments.

Photography: Mircea Netea
Styling: Radulescu Raul
Assistant: Alma Mihai
Models: Mara & Bianca / MURModels
MUA: Jana Ceban & Ina Crudu using Paese
Hair Styling: Alexandra Boitor & Alin Crisan using Label M
Thanks to: Beauty One
Production Assistant: Denisa Zarnescu

A Feeric Fashion Week production supported by Promenada Bucharest

On the left: Dress & Jacket: Noemi Szalkai ; Gloves & Shoes: Diana Rus
On the right: Dress: Mihaela Nan ; Headpiece: Radulescu Raul