#ModicEditorial – Playa 9 Nostalgia

Photography & Retouch – Elena Cornila
Videography – Mihai Peteu
Fashion – Robert Moraru
Model – Cristina Visterneanu
Make up – Iulia Ficu
Photography assistant – Melika Khoddam
Location – Playa 9, Bucharest, Romania

This editorial was born from our love of retro summers, the nostalgia we get when looking at swimming caps and beautiful body shaped swim suits in the midst of the heat. We invite you to visually take a dive into a fresh, relaxed, yet vintage fashionable pool day at Playa 9.

Body & Blouse Dotti Ballerina
Sunglasses Prada – Consignatia 7
Accessories Italian Vintage

Swimsuit Adidas
Bathing cap Vintage Dotti Ballerina
Sunglasses Consignatia 7
Accessories Italian Vintage

Pants & Bra Dotti Ballerina
Belt & accessories Italian Vintage

Body & shoes & scarf Dotti Ballerina
Necklace Italian Vintage
Hat Consignatia 7
Shirt & Skirt Dotti Ballerina
Shoes Consignatia 7
Necklace Italian Vintage

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