#ModicEditorial – Naked Nature

”The flowers are free beauties of the nature”
The naked body is also a free flower of the nature. When the nude encounters the nature, they enter in a symbiosis, without artifices, without chemical products, without quirks and foibles, all naturally. They form together an authentic and bare beauty but at the same time provocative and exuberant.
To not to unsettle this purity of the symbiosis, the products used for the makeup have been meticulously chosen from the nature, all organic, or mineral: a natural plant Argan oil, extracted from the Arganier tree fruits, to magnify the body. An oil produced for centuries by the Berber women, rich in vitamin A and E and antioxidants, with multiple properties to particularly improve the appearance of stretch marks or scars of the skin. What is more beautiful than nature repairing the nude!
The face features are enhanced by pure mineral pigments: ultramarine blue, iron oxide honey yellow, chromium oxide green and manganese violet. These pure mineral pigments in their bare state, without any binders, are fine grinded and then mixed for surprising color combos. They are then dusted delicately all over the body like the pollen of the plants to create an unreal, airy look imitating nature’s exuberance, sometimes soft pastel, sometimes yellow fluorescent, contrasting with the ebony black body.
Finally, the body like a vine is dressed in wild foliage, lonely branches and flower petals bringing us to never undiscovered botanical gardens.
The Nude is dressed by Nature.
Photography & concept: Iris Brosch
Production: ibbsproduction
Set: Stephane Blancs
Model: Sokhna Cisse / LET IT GO Management
Casting: Julien Peltier / Casting Company
Make up, hair & beauty editor: Makka Elbaz
Assistant: Roy
Retoucher: Mariya Semenenko