#ModicEditorial – Mutation of consciousness

#ModicEditorial – Mutation of consciousness

Editorial inspiration story: We are being presented with a choice; evolve or remain. Mental rehearsal creates physical rehearsal. Wisdom feeds the soul to have fully neurological virtual reality. “That means you’d be disinvesting your attention and energy out of this 3D reality and placing it on this immaterial realm called the quantum field—a place in which only energy, light, and information exists as frequency.” -Joe Dispenza. Your DNA is mutated to try to reflect your consciousness. And if it is mutated enough, there will be measurable biological changes that will determine that an individual despite the fact that sometime, according to the records, it was a particular species, it ceases to be.

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Stylist / Creative Direction: Berker Kusku

Photographer: Nadir Ozkan 

Make up artist: Andrea Sheehan 

Hair Stylist: Diyar Seker 

Model: Alina Glebova / JModel Agency Istanbul

Stylist Assistant: Necati Ozkutlu

Production: Others Production 


Dress by Eda Yorulmazoglu


Top by Eda Yorulmazoglu , Silver piece by Ali Koc 


Jacket Ali Koc , boots Calvin Klein  , pants and accessories stylist’s own


Metal cage bag: High Fab 


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