#ModicEditorial – IRIDESCENT HUES

In the enchanted realm of a fairy garden, where whimsy and magic intertwine, a dainty figure gracefully dances amidst the twinkling flora and vibrant blossoms. Meet Caya, a fairytale spirit whose ethereal beauty and enchanting charm captivate all who behold her luminous presence. As she flits through the glimmering pathways of the fairy garden, her delicate wings shimmer in iridescent hues, mirroring the kaleidoscope of colors from the blooming flowers that seem to bow in reverence to her ethereal essence. Caya’s mesmerizing aura is a dance of elegance and grace, a fusion of nature’s allure and otherworldly mystique. Join us on a journey through this whimsical realm as Caya, the fairy of the garden, becomes a muse for the ethereal fashions that bloom in harmony with the enchanted landscape.

Art Direction: Giada Cubeddu + Satta Alessio

Photography: Alessio Satta
Styling: Giada Cubeddu
Hair and Makeup : Francesca Foti
Model: Caya Gorban @cayandere at Monster Management