#ModicEditorial - Here comes the sun

#ModicEditorial – Here Comes The Sun

#ModicEditorial – Here Comes The Sun

“This story comes to remember us that cold and darkness are passengers, that the sky clears to give way to the sun and the night is always ending so that a new day is born, and with it, we have a new opportunity to live as we want it.”

Photography & Retouch: Liliana Osorio
Model: Malla Yloniemi / River
Makeup & Hair: Ana Gómez
Stylist: Lucía Romero
Photographer assistant: Noelia Rodríguez

#ModicEditorial - Here comes the sunCrop top  & panties Chatty Danna

Jumpsuit Ana Ponf

Dress Alicia Torres Boch

Dress Paula Alegría

Jacket & skirt Irene Garretas


“The inspiration is based by the colors of nature, which together witch eco-friendly designs and materials form a beautiful lyric that stands out.
For this project I wanted to capture the light in the colors, the shapes and the forms of the garments, they needed to combine together with the light that the colors give off.
From the rough black of introspection, passing through the precious blush pink of the spring, whites and blues of the clouds and the indigo sky in which we exist, culminating in the beige that melts us to the earth together with our skin.”


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