This project was created from defining personal experiences and aims to explore the complex dimensions of human connec- tions. In particular, it reflects feelings of helplessness, power dynamics and vulnerability that often remain unspoken in inter- personal relationships and settings. In various contexts of life, be it at work, in everyday life or on the way to the train, I repeatedly observe and experience how feelings of defenselessness and the need for invisibility mani- fest themselves. A central element is the contrast between the desire to be seen, to be perceived as an equal, and the need to – preventively – hide. Covering up under a large hood or subt- ly used protective analogies on the fingernails are contrasted with striking silhouettes and deep necklines that emphasize the need for a carefree existence. Laser engravings into the fabric, similar to delicate tattoos, illustrate the dynamics that shape us and our relationships. A project based on personal experience, yet representing a large group of people who experience similar feelings and circumstances.

Photography + Art direction: Gillian Neumann @lichtpausenkollektiv
Model | Styling | MUAH: Pauline Funke @paulinelenafunke
Creative Direction + fashion powered by Antonia Sieve @tonixsie

Nails + Jewelry: 45 Bit Studios @45bit.studios + Assistant: Izi @izip72