#ModicEditorial – Cille Sch X Veronika Hopponen

#ModicEditorial – Cille Sch X Veronika Hopponen

Fashion designer Veronika Hopponen came together with multidisciplinary artist Camille Schaeffer and photographer Gadi Sahar to create an editorial presenting a collaboration bridging between fashion and art.

Fashion Veronika Hopponen
Art & Model Camille Schaeffer
Photography Gadi Sahar
Location the exhibition “Your Own Reflections” in  STUDIO183 in BIKINI Berlin

What brought together Veronika and Camille is their common passion for creating upcycled designs and artworks. The creative method of producing products utilizing already existing materials. “The materials become the foundation of our design processes. In a world where we are constantly producing new products we wanted to highlight the creation of reuse and collaboration. Showing that sustainable production methods can be found in various disciplines that can enhance one another.“

Veronika’s garments are produced using discarded interior textiles and second hand accessories, while Camille’s artworks are made from abandoned materials found on the streets of Berlin.

“We found similarities in our creative process. We both like the transformation of taking unwanted materials and transforming them into products of higher value. In that sense changing the norm of the raw materials. Our approach is based on collaborations, as our process of creation. Contrast is a central theme, incorporating different colors, materials and textures. Not only in the materials themselves but also in the context of what the materials represent and the way they are being represented. What we truly enjoyed while working together was to see how our separate artforms were enhancing one another and how we came to motivate and inspire each other’s work. We are looking forward to working on future interdisciplinary projects together bridging the worlds of upcycled art and fashion.”


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