#ModicReview – Copenhagen Fashion Week

*Photo Credits: James Cochrane x Copenhagen Fashion Week

From the 31st of January to the 3rd of February 2023, Copenhagen Fashion Week presented the trends for the next Autumn\Winter. CPHFW is known as the Nordic biannual fashion week. The event’s main focus is to encourage the industry to intensify its green initiatives.


The Budapest-based brand opened the fashion week with its AW 2023 collection. The brand concept sets out to fusion traditional lasting craftsmanship with new design technologies for a modern woman. Aeron`s central point for this collection was clearly on functional tailoring and self-expressivity in workwear, with oversized garments.


Elisabet Stamm is a danish designer and the finalist of the Copenhagen Fashion Week Zalando Sustainability Award. Her self-named label had its first show at the CPHFW 2023. The collection is innovating and introducing new techniques of construction. The brand used organic textiles, recycled man-made fabrics, and recycled lamb leather.


The young Finnish-American designer, Ervin Latimer has presented his collection as a part of the CPHFW New Talent program. The brand is built to enroll in masculinity achievement. This collection is made in collaboration with artist Sasha Huber for the sculpture that was held by some models, and for the prints from some of the outfits.

Rabens Saloner

Founded in 2007 by the creative director Birgitte Rabens, the brand is the identity of modernity and contemporary elegance. The brand`s symbolic dip dye and hand-painted prints are also emblematic of this collection. Classic tailoring is now turned into a modern and contemporary design.


The collection’s muted color scheme of earthy tones allows tailoring to take center stage. The nature-inspired collection greatly contrasts the industrial place, where it was presented. Remain AW2023 is a combination of a bold, masculine structure with a feminine silhouette.


(di)vision is a Copenhagen-based fashion label founded in 2018. The brand is focusing on creating from pre-existing materials. The guests from the show were seated at the tables while the models swung through the crowd. The collection gave neo-grunge vibes.

Lovechild 1979

Lovechild 1979 is a fashion label that has as inspiration architectural lines of mid-century Danish design. Elegance, minimalism, functionality, and craftsmanship are the main characteristic of the brand. The tactile nature of the furniture and mid-century modern master Severin Hansen served as inspiration for this collection.

The Garment

The Garment, which is artistically curated by Sophia Roe’s monochromatic world and Charlotte Eskildsen’s design legacy, is a Copenhagen-based brand, founded in 2020. The collection is a fine representation of minimalism with a hue variation of earth tones.

Wood Wood

The local brand Wood Wood presented an astonishing “Heaven Out Here” collection. The visitors were welcomed to the Simian art complex in Copenhagen. The whole collection was various distinct personalities of party kids and classy men.

TG Botanical

Ukrainian brand TG Botanical has inspiration by nature, using techniques for dyeing textile fabrics with plans based pigment obtained from flowers. Earth tones dominate the entire collection which connects us with nature.

Henrik Vibskov

The Danish designer, Henrik Vibskov has been inspired by food in many of his artworks. Green and red were the fundamental tones of his collection. The accessories were inspired by the different types of tomatoes.

Mark Kenly Domino Tan

The show was mixed between minimalism and purity. With a strong emphasis on tactility and expensive fabrics, the AW23 collection has created a stylish ageless closet that defies seasons.

Written by Andrada Bianca Negru 

Photo Credits: James Cochrane x Copenhagen Fashion Week

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