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Minimalism – the most sustainable trend in the pandemic scenario… and beyond

Perpetual renewal. Routine with the speed of light. Demand for swift innovations. Never-ending journey of obtaining utopian, “long-time” satisfaction through short-time actions. As you might or might not have guessed, I am describing the idea of seeking artificial stability, perpetually ruling our turbulent daily lives in a digitalized 21st century world in which very few things could indelibly fascinate. Everything until we were compelled to stop and breathe, (re)think, during an unexpected, lamentable collective pause induced by Covid-19.

Fashion, definitely one of the industries with the most accelerated structures, has been firmly distressed at every level and forced to reassess its mechanisms, from production to exhibit, from individual to corporation. In a prior landscape, ruled by chaos and graphed by constant style resumptions, we would have never imagined the incoming period of respite, which lead to a comeback of timelessness and profound meanings. Before, we were primarily witnessing booms of color, volume, and eccentric textures on most of the runways, with an appetite of shock and prompt eye-catch. Now, we can finally, genuinely state that, “Less is more!” is here to stay as mindset, trend, way of living and ultimately, way of dressing. Even if, we tend to be instinct-driven in a context of gradual “escape”, we are starting to appreciate experience with composure, at its fullest. As in regard to fashion, mirror of society, our desire to be cheered up is still reflected by the bright runways, use of pink and futuristic fabrics, but our transcending ideals are echoed through the intensified stimulus correlated to simplicity, heritage, atemporal excellence of brands, garments, fashion moments.

A context of crisis reshapes the buying process, but never eradicates it. While the number of night outs and scenarios in which we could get “dressy” has radically decreased, the desire of purchase has never completely vanished. Although, what do you buy if a trendy piece is risking to already become outdated by the time you will have the chance to get it out there? Atemporal pieces with classic shapes evolved from having a status of versatile wardrobe basics to one of eminent essentials with no passing date, offering infinite possibilities of styling and circular ways of outfit integrations.

MINIMALISM is unquestionably the most sustainable trend to follow in the pandemic scenario and beyond. Along with encouraging a longer, benign life-cycle for fashion-pieces, the aesthetic is further offering limitless, chameleonic styling possibilities, challenging creativity and easing the “What do I wear today?” clash. Everlasting clean cuts, neutral tones, classic accents should, more than ever, temper your craving of purchasing ephemeral, trendy garments and rather incite you to style already-possessed statement pieces into uncluttered looks.

Now is the time to give the most meaning to accents which might appear simple on the surface, but oftentimes hide vivid essences. It is the time to dream, play with a desire for life delight rather than for show, feel unfiltered.

Designers have offered plenty of inspiration in that sense, sprinkling collections with fluidity, highlighting the essence of luxury and sophistication, which lays in simplicity and visual balance. Jil Sander, Proenza Schouler, and Christopher Esber have reassembled the puzzles of minimalism once again, adapting textures, shades, and forms and showcasing a final result of modern grace, embodied by the carefree, yet powerful 2021 muse. Expressions of minimalism have been also sketched among collections by Acne Studios, Monse, Ambush or Nanushka, demonstrating that it can be complementary adopted along a variety of styles, influences, typologies.


Black is the new black

Acne Studios

A demonstration of contemporary sexiness, the black sack-dress with bare shoulders is a fresh alternative for the already-boring, tight “little black dress”. You can replace the sparkling accessories and add statement jewels with raw mineral textures. Keep the make-up subtle, wet the hair and you are good to go!



Pair asymmetrical, provocative cuts with flat, divergent shoes, lose one earring and wink a subtle liner wing. You are surely going to upstage mind-blowing heels and tiny skirts!


The minimal maximal

  Proenza Schouler

If you thought sequins can never be minimalist, Proenza is here to prove the opposite. The secret lays in cut, choice of color, styling. Keep it simple and effortless and let the shiny texture be the center of interest for a glamourous, yet subtle presence.


Jil Sander

Don’t throw your PJs away after the lockdown, but rather pair the silk ones with gold statement jewels, graphic accessories and enjoy a night out. Keep the hair and make-up clean and discreet or add just an accent of matte red lipstick for extra charm and spice.


“Come with me, fly you out to Greece”

Christopher Esber

And there is how you could dress if Studio 54 would organize a beach party in Mykonos 2021. Keep the daring minimal approach by diffusing your burgundy lipstick uneven, just like you have taken a sip of intense red wine. Still not enough? Accessorize with a pair of square-frame gold-tone sunglasses or gold Anne Mans jewelry.



How to accessorize a set with another set and still look relaxed. Keep the earthy tones, subtle touch of gold and hit the beach. Add a pale-yellow swimwear and open the shirt if you feel more playful.


Suit yourself!


A minimal suit with interpreted cut, paired with classic sneakers and completed by a fresh beauty look is assembling contemporary coolness. Add a chunky, embellished necklace for a subtle drip.


Proenza Schouler

A masculine suit with extra-long trousers in an effervescent shade of aquamarine-blue pairs classicism and modernism. Details such as the contrasting button and the ivory footwear add contour to the full picture. Don’t be afraid of combining gold and silver jewels, even in the neatest stylings!


All pictures courtesy of Vogue Runway

by Catinca Negut


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