Mermaidcorize Yourself

The boom in make-up has been a reality for several seasons now. Designed as a fundamental part of the look, it takes center stage in its own right, highlighting, combining or enhancing an outfit as if it were just another accessory, and best of all, it’s within everyone’s reach. The current trend in natural make-up is mermaid-core. Here we show you how to achieve it and join this fantasy trend.

What is Mermaidcore?
The aesthetic of the mermaid legend and mysticism is being applied to many areas, including make-up. The ethereal universe of mermaids, their skin and their glow are the keys to this make-up. Hair accessories, facial appliqués or accessories such as stars, shells and pearls can frame the result.
Highlighting the skin is key. Start with a highlighter primer for luscious skin. A natural, sun-protective foundation that looks like healthy skin. To enhance the cheeks and cheekbones, a trick would be to combine blush with an iridescent highlighter, applied upwards for a mermaid skin effect. For the lips, a very natural and fresh shade. For the eyes, go for the angel effect: white or tinted inner eyeliner, long, natural lashes and a palette of shadows in pink and ocean tones.
The hair is the finishing touch to this look, with a natural wet effect, even with a touch of eco-glitter for a more glamorous look.

Written by Alejandro D Lomas

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