Love the way you Are.

#Love the way you Are.

How many times have you looked in the mirror and seen more flaws than virtues? We always long for what we don’t have. We face the mirror with desires for change. Curly or straight hair, more or less hip size, a few centimeters more in height … What we do not consider is that this is applied in a bidirectional way. On the other side of the mirror, another person longs for what you want to change.

Fortunately, society is moving towards the concept of non-normative and body positive, two concepts that have been with us for a long time and that reinforce the need to love each other and be as you are, therefore strictly necessary.

This is the case of one of the pioneering global models of the curvy visibility: Tara Lynn. She went through a frustration with her image and decided to change it. Nothing got better until she got the acceptance of her curvy body, and she decided to fight for her dream. Her confidence in herself and her gifts led her to a multitude of international campaigns, be covergirl, and even be the first Sport illustrated model with a non-normative body.

Rihanna is another well-known face who set out to tear down old conventions about the female silhouette. Since 2018, with the presentation of Savage x Fenty, her brand of lingerie and corsetry for all types of women, she made clear her twinning with all types of feminine beauty. The Savage x Fenty shows and campaigns have been from the beginning a clever celebration of diversity and positioning itself in the market as one of the current benchmarks. Thanks to the visibility and public acceptance of these roles, brands like Victoria’s Secret, which have historically been so normative and harshly criticized for it, are already betting on representative models of different body types in their campaigns.

We have recently found an act of normalizing the variety of beauty types in non-normative bodies in past editions of the international fashion shows in NY, Milan and Paris, in collections such as Jason Wu, Ottolinger, Christian Cowan, or Coperni among many others.

The false myth of the perfect type of model has given way to the great truth: perfect beauty does not exist. Old thoughts about the apology of a single type of beauty fade in the collective imagination of the industry. This is a fight that concerns us all.

Styles, trends … always suggest new changes and fresh air, but we cannot forget that suggestions are not impositions. Fashion should not impose on us what to wear, we must take it as a guide to turn to and apply it to our style, occasions, and tastes.

Fashion should talk about you, who you are, use it as a cover letter; a strong statement of intent.

Study your body, look at yourself and see what it is that best suits you, and wear it safely and with style. You have all the weapons for yourself to be a trend. Love yourself, take care of yourself, pamper yourself, accept yourself. We already love the way you are.

#Love the way you Are.

Article by Alejandro D Lomas

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