#ModicInterview: Delve into the Creative World of Art in Jewels

Embark on an enchanting journey delving into the creative world of Anne Carly Abad, a passionate jewelry artisan who, in early 2015, commenced her artistic venture by meticulously crafting bead and wire jewelry using copper and silver elements. Anne’s fervent love for gemstones, particularly jade, permeates her narrative, highlighting her deep admiration for the symbolic significance and tactile allure inherent in these natural treasures. Renowned as the visionary founder of Art in Jewels, Anne seamlessly blends her illustrious literary background with her transition into the realm of jewelry design, bridging past and present with captivating creativity.

The narrative eloquently captures Anne’s evolution from a celebrated poet to a distinguished jeweler, narrating a journey filled with creativity and conviction. Demonstrating a profound artistic sensibility and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, Anne’s path unfolds amidst challenges and triumphs, painting a portrait of resilience and passion. From her origins as a hobbyist creating jewelry for friends and colleagues to the establishment of Art in Jewels, Anne’s story showcases a deep-rooted love for gemstones and bespoke artistry, marking a transformational shift in her creative expression. Anne’s formative years as a painter and writer are brought to life within the narrative, offering a captivating glimpse into the influences and thematic inspirations that define her unique artistic voice.

Anne’s inspiring journey from poet to jeweler with Art in Jewels encapsulates a harmonious blend of artistry, passion, and human connection, setting a high standard for creativity and craftsmanship in the realm of bespoke jewelry. Her resilience and unwavering commitment to sustaining her craft amid challenging times not only embody her artisanal skills but also depict her as a catalyst for creativity and community support within her local artisan network. Find below our exclusive interview with Anne about Art in Jewels:


Your journey from being a painter and award-winning poet to a jewelry designer is quite remarkable. How do your experiences in literary arts and visual arts blend together in your jewelry creations, and how do you infuse poetic depth into your designs?

In my youth, my art would center around the fanciful and the fantastic, often with an element of bird or insect wings and transparent petals and textiles. Poetry was no different, as I specialized in haiku and speculative poetry. Most of the work would feature wings, a drop of water, moonlight, fairies, and ephemeral beings that may be lurking within our midst. Venturing into the world of gemstones and jewelry felt like entering an art with different rules, where paint became the gems and metals, and words became the compositions of different cuts, colors, and textures.

Your jewelry has been described as having “poetic restraint”, where each element carries intentional meaning. Can you share how you balance artistic expression with this thoughtful and deliberate approach in your pieces, and how do you ensure that every stone and line conveys your intended message?

When designing a piece, I let my imagination flow. I put all the gems and colors I want. And then I sleep on it. In the morning, sometimes I realize it’s no good. But when something does feel like it has potential, I take a step back to ask many questions, like is this really needed here? Or should I just take it out? I’m not a fan of excess, and I often approach design with a paring knife to remove aspects that seem unnecessary.

As a collector of gemstones and with a keen eye for unique stones like cornflower blue sapphire and neon aquamarine, how do you go about selecting gemstones that not only aesthetically enhance your designs but also carry the essence of the story you wish to tell with each collection?

My process is usually to stock many different kinds of stones. In other words, I collect them first. Serendipity plays a major role in how the designs come about. I’d wake up with an idea, and then I’d remember that I have this neon blue aquamarine that would be perfect for this ring, or this odd topaz with rutiles like shooting stars, wouldn’t it be perfect for next collection’s pendant?

Your recent collections, such as “Fragm_nts” and “Virtues”, feature rare gems from various parts of the world. Could you delve into the inspiration behind these collections and how these gems play a role in bringing your creative vision to life?

Most of the gems have been in stock before they found their places in the designs. Fragm_nts is inspired by welcome disruptions to the daily grind, how a moment shines brighter than the rest. Virtues is inspired by religion’s pursuit of goodness, but our version is the pursuit of beauty. In a sense, that too is virtue.

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Beyond creating beautiful adornments, you aim to craft jewelry that bears deeper significance. How do you approach infusing meaning and storytelling into your pieces, and what messages or emotions do you hope to evoke in those who wear your creations?

I don’t dictate the meanings of the pieces. I usually prefer that the wearers interpret the jewels in their own ways, because I believe when they do that, the artwork grows beyond the original intent or idea that I had. When the wearer or beholder “connects” with the piece, then the meaning is there in that experience.

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