#ModicArt: LUCA MR Exploring the Realms of Art Sculptures, Graphic Novels + NFTs

MODIC Magazines delves into the enchanting world of LUCA MR, a young artist whose very essence embodies a symphony of contradictions and a palette of endless creativity. Born beneath the Italian sky in Milan on a day kissed by the promise of spring, LUCA MR‘s artistic journey reads like a love story written in the stars, a tale of passion and rebellion, of light and shadow intertwined.

From the tender age when he first dipped his fingers into pots of color, LUCA MR‘s artistic soul was awakened, beckoning him to dance with hues and textures that whispered secrets only the heart can comprehend. His travels as a child, cradled in the arms of his family’s wanderlust, gifted him a lens through which he viewed the world, a lens colored by the vibrant hues of far-off lands and cultures. As a teenager in London, LUCA MR‘s spirit found voice in the electric chords of rock music, his voice weaving tales of love and longing, of dreams and desires. It was amidst the bustling streets of the United States that he discovered the raw, unfiltered beauty of street art, where every stroke, every graffiti, told a story of defiance and freedom.

Guided by the muses of creativity, LUCA MR found his way back to Italy, to the hallowed halls of the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where he honed his craft and kindled the flames of his artistic vision. His paintings, sculptures, writings, and music echoed the tumultuous symphony of adolescence – a crescendo of emotions, a dance of light and shadow, a sonnet to the ephemeral beauty of youth.

In the delicate brushstrokes and evocative lines that adorn his canvases, LUCA MR captures the essence of romance – a love affair between innocence and experience, between dreams and reality. His art speaks a language of the heart, whispering tales of sensuality, nostalgia, and the eternal dance between masculinity and femininity. Venturing into uncharted waters, LUCA MR unfurled his artistic wings, exploring the realms of graphic novels, digital art, and NFTs with a boldness that mirrored the pounding of a lovestruck heart. Collaborating with icons of the art world, his creations breathed life into new mediums, blurring the lines between reality and imagination.

As the moon embraces the night sky, and the stars twinkle with secrets untold, this article will continue with an intimate interview with LUCA MR, offering a glimpse into the depths of his soul, the whispers of his muse, and the eternal romance that dances through his veins. Join us as we embark on a journey through the poetic landscapes of LUCA MR’s art and discover a world where love, art, and passion intertwine in a dance as old as time itself.


How does LUCA MR’s personal narrative and emotional depth permeate his various artistic creations, from painting to music, and what impact do you think this authenticity has on the viewer’s interpretation of his work?

It all happens naturally, I think of a story to tell, I get fascinated by it and then perhaps unconsciously it reflects on the viewer… I can’t explain it… fascination is ultimately something inexplicable.

Considering LUCA MR’s ability to fluidly switch between various art forms, such as painting, sculpture, writing and music, how does his multidisciplinary approach contribute to the richness and complexity of his artistic expression?

In my opinion, it’s all connected.

Music, like cinema, fuels my universe… I couldn’t not make music and I couldn’t work without listening to music during my creative process, and then reading, traveling, meeting people. I think fascination is the link.

In exploring the themes of adolescence, sexuality and nostalgia, how does LUCA MR uniquely capture the transformative journey of youth in his art and what insights or perspectives does he offer on the human experience through these explorations?

We can say that the themes and characters I paint or sculpt have grown with me. From the tale of early turmoil to the discovery of sexuality, of the masculine and the feminine, sometimes androgynous, sometimes more domineering. It is always a tale in progress. As for the nostalgia that you breathe in my paintings, it will be for that retro air and the choice of colors, but I must say that I myself love old black and white films, music from the 50s and 60s, and when I see certain old images I find them fascinating, with a lost innocence. I imagine how, perhaps, once upon a time the human relationship was more immediate and simple. I don’t like this overly exposed period, where social media reigns and it seems that without followers you don’t exist.

LUCA MR has been praised for his ability to blend illustration with cultured painting techniques, creating images that strike a delicate balance between innocence and restlessness. How does he achieve this juxtaposition in his portraits of youthful subjects and dreamlike landscapes?

Well, a lot of it comes from what I’ve read from the amount of cinema I’ve seen from the music that has accompanied me, from my references that range from Arthur Rimbaud to Nirvana from manga to Tim Burton from Mario Schifano to James Dean from Claude Monet to Winona Ryder from Egon Schiele to Benedetta Barzini from Marilyn Monroe to Sofia Coppola. Everything I have loved and love today creates this fascinating imagery that they tell me, pervades my work.

Through collaborations with Maison Cartier and initiatives in NFT art, LUCA MR has embraced new technologies and platforms for creative production. How do these collaborations signal his adaptation to the digital age and potentially reshape the contemporary art landscape, and what opportunities do these efforts present for artists navigating the intersection of art and technology?

I just started working with digital art and luckily I did it with the best – Etan Genini and his Valuart, I would like to create something that always has a connection with art that you can <<touch>>. I think there was a big boom a few years ago where at a certain point it was no longer clear who was a real artist. Today only the good ones are left, fortunately

.As for my first NFT, there was perhaps more curiosity in approaching digital art. It is important to always keep up, especially in contemporary art… but then what does contemporary art mean today? They say that my art is recognizable and this is important for an artist, for the rest I let myself be guided by emotions.