Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Week 1

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Week 1

I know you are wondering what’s about the “Fashion Around Europe, Literally” tour. And here I am with all the answers. “Fashion Around Europe, Literally” tour is a Modic Magazine and #feericteam project, meant to be an inspirational and informational source for designers and people passionate about fashion.

We are planing to discover particularities, habits, techniques, fabrics and patterns that can serve as inspiration to professionals in fashion and to all people willing to travel and discover a different Europe. In a few words, we want to see how fashion really in each region of Europe.


Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Week 1

We are doing this journey on a “short” route on the coast of the “continental” Europe and we are trying to find specifics of fashion where they were not so much exploited and exposed. The journey started in Transylvania and we are going to stop in more then 30 cities, but I am not going to tell you now which they are, because you have to follow us on Instagram in order to see everything.

On the route we are meeting designers and we will discover craft, fashion production and design. We are visiting the best fashion schools and we are also shooting video and photo footage for all the social media channels of our projects.

Our tour is focused on 5 directions in fashion that we want to explore more (designers, craft, education, sustainability and inspiration). All the information gathered during this journey will be selected, structured and published in a book meant to offer a macro view of the areas that are not that much exposed in terms of fashion, but touristic only. Beside that, the video content we shoot alongside interviews and travel info, will be compiled in a movie, which we are willing to submit to film festivals around the globe.

Who is the #feericteam behind this project?

Mitichi – is the President of Feeric Fashion Week and the brain and coordinator of our projects. He became one of the brightest minds in fashion industry in Eastern Europe and managed to put Romania on the map and create opportunities to designers from more than 30 countries through his projects.

Landiana – is the Vice-President of Feeric Fashion Week and she is featured in all of the most important fashion media platforms as a voice of the industry in Eastern Europe. She is being a constant support for young designers and sustainable fashion.

Julie Ianc I am the Editor-in-Chief of Modic Magazine and Production Manager at Feeric Fashion Week. I will keep


If you are wondering from where do we get all the energy for this  impressive project, you have to know that OMV is supporting our tour and we want to thank them for embarking in this trip with us and for taking care of us at each step we make. This being said, with lots of emotions and unanswered questions, we packed our things (by the way, you never know what to pack in this case) and headed to Budapest, the first city on our tour.

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Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1


If I didn’t mentioned yet, this tour will last about two month and each week, I am going to keep you updated with what’s happening on the road.

Now, coming back, Budapest is such a beautiful city, we all have been here before and each time we like it more and more. Budapest by night, it’s a must see. We stayed at Hotel Collect, which is a boutique hotel, recently opened in the heart of the city. It has a unique luxurious design that combines the french influences with modern elements, making you feel very cosy and intimate.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Budapest – Hotel Collect

Funny story, we had some problems with parking our car, mostly with paying the parking as the machine in the street would’t accept credit cards or money, only coins. As we arrived very late, it was almost impossible to find a way to pay, but Alex, from the hotel’s reception, was so kind and helpful. Thanks to him, we could all sleep tight, not worrying about fines.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Budapest – Mod’Art International Hungary

The next day, we payed a visit to Mod’Art International Hungary which is an international fashion school that follows the French approach and curriculum. Lia Tompe (General Director), Horvath Szilvia (Art Director & Head of Education for Fashion Design Program) and Szentesi Reka (Fashion Researcher, Head of Education for Fashion Management Program) gave us all the isights about the fashion industry from the perspective of a young talent, who just graduated.

Budapest – Viktoria Varga

From there, we headed to Viktoria Varga’s showroom. Unfortunately, Viktoria wasn’t there as she was traveling, but her friend Kristina was waiting to introduce us to Viktoria’s designs and projects. I was impressed by the attention payed to the details, the soft fabrics and colours used.

The next day, we woke up, packed everything and prepared ourselves for another appointment with a designer. Before leaving the hotel, we meet Dora, the general manager and she told us the story of Hotel Collect and about the fact that they are planning to extend in the near future, so if you are traveling to Budapest, you should check it, as you will find a unique design.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Budapest – Romani Design

Moving on, we had an appointment with Romani Design. From our research on the internet, we knew that it’s a brand that is promoting Romani’s culture through the help of fashion, willing to scatter the discrimination and the misconceptions. Erika is the designer of the brand and she welcomed us in her universe. Her showroom is in the same yard, next to her home so we could see more than just the “work place”. Erika is involved in more than just creating fashion, she uses it to help girls and women to find their path in life, shows them how to fight the discrimination and teaches them how to sew. Erika’s designs are colourful, happy and inspired by her grandmother, family traditions and also from Frida Kahlo. We could say that Erika really has a thing for the Mexican icon.

This being told, the first episode of  Fashion Around Europe Tour, Literally is closed and we are moving to the next one: Bratislava, Slovakia.

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Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1


We arrived here on a Friday evening and we went straight to Hotel Roset, which is located in the centre of the city. Right behind it, you will find all the fun, parties, shops, historical attractions and best restaurants. The hotel’s building was recently renovated and it dates from 1903. This is the place where the Austro-Hungarian history of Bratislava meets the modern and the metropolitan vibe. The staff of the hotel prepared a small surprise for us. When we arrived in the room, a beautiful bouquet of flowers, champagne and the best cheesecake in town were waiting for us. After we devoured the dessert we went for a night walk. As we stepped out of the hotel, we meet happy people, parting and having a good time. We really loved the city’s energy.

Bratislava – Hotel Roset

The next day we enjoyed a rich breakfast and we also meet Katrina, the Event Manager of the hotel. She showed us around and she told us more about its history of the building and we thank her for that.

Bratislava – Atelier Luz

In the afternoon we had the pleasure to meet the married couple of Peter and Lucia, who had nothing to do with the fashion industry, but one day decided to risk it all and give it a try. This is how Atelier Luz was born. Luz that means light, is the brand that is looking for finding beauty in each woman and bring it to the surface. Atelier Luz is creating timeless fashion and simple items, that once worn transform you in a Goddess.


Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Bratislava – Globo Restaurant: Landiana, Chef Branislav, Julie, Mitichi and Dominik

After this beautiful encounter with Peter and Lucia, we headed for the dinner to the Globo Restaurant, which of course, was very close to the hotel. Globo should receive a Michelin distinction as it offers you the joy to rediscover the long-last recipes and ingredients, which are now presented in a contemporary twist by the Chef Branislav Krizan and his team. All the ingredients are locally-sourced and organically-certified. Each course was a different experience, but the ones that really got stuck in our minds where the Goose liver with coffee and the dessert made of Vrsatec cheese, honey and black truffle. You definetly have to try them. Dominik Baranek, the manager of the restaurant took care of us the hole evening, paired our dishes with the best wines and told us the stories of each of them. Thank you Globo for this unforgettable experience.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Bratislava – Boris Hanecka at Virvar Concept Store

The next day, we went to Virvar Showroom, where we met Milan and Boris Hanecka. Virvar is the place that reunites local designers from Slovakia and helps them get in the attention of the costumers. We found there interesting cuts, designs and stories. After interviewing Milan Stefan, we talked with Boris, who is a famous designer from Bratislava. He is inspired by the motion of the fabrics and each piece of his collection tells another story about how the woman looks while she is moving and running every day. Hanecka’s woman is strong, independent and confident, exactly as Slovakia’s first woman president, Zuzana Caputova. Yes, Boris is the one taking care of her wardrobe and each public appearance.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Bratislava Drobne Store


Before heading to Prague, we had one more stop at Drobne Store, which is the place that reunites Slovak fashion designers in one place. Drobne Store is the mix of passions, personalities and knowledge of the three sisters: Zuzna Calá (arthitect), Katarína Baníková (costume designer) and Terézia Drobná (project manager). Here you can find all the services that you might need, beside just shopping designer items. They offer personalised tailoring and adjustments and consulting. Also, Drobne has its own apparel line, which represents each sister.


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On Sunday evening, we arrived in Prague, the bisected city by the Vltava River, which is know also as the “City of a Hundred Spires”. Each corner of the historical centre and the bridges across the Vltava River will make your mouth drop. You must see the baroque buildings, the Ghotic churches and the Medieval Astronomic Clock.


And you can’t miss having a dinner at Hergetova Cihelna restaurant, which is located on the banks of the river. With this spectacular view and delicious food, we spent an amazing first evening in Prague. At the restaurant we had a tasting menu and we could try a bit of each special dish. You have to stop by because beside having an interesting gastronomic experience, you will also spend an amazing time.

We stayed in Prague more days than we planned to, but this was such a welcomed break as we were very tired. So during the time spent here, we wanted to discover each corner of the city and its fashion. For us is such a pleasure to meet people and find out about their stories and dreams.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Prague – Naut

This is how we meet the founders fo the Naut brand. Filip Nguyen and Lukas Prochazka have been friends for many year as they were classmates. They always knew that they wanted to open a business together, but they never intended to design bags. It happened when they least expected it. Without knowing nothing about bags or fashion design, they started creating them in an innovative way by using carbon fibre. It was a success and now they have also lunched an apparel collection, of corse starting again from zero. We love their good energy and we wish them good luck.

Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Prague – Casa din Carli: Mitichi, Julie, Matteor, Landiana

Talking about the beauty of meeting new people, in one of the evenings, we had dinner at Casa de Carli. As the name says, we enjoyed the Italian cuisine of Matteo, who is the owner and the chef of the restaurant, on Czech lands. Him and Jakub Srenk offered us the most warm welcome and we really felt like home. The hours spent in their company flew away, where peppered with jokes and stories about the courses and the pairing wines. Beside the fine cuisine and the pleasant atmosphere, I was impressed by the plating and the stone and glassware. The Casa de Carli restaurant also received a Michelin distinction because its services. Put it on your list for when visiting Prague.


Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally - Week 1
Prague – 100 Concept Store

On the same day, we meet also Vendy from 100 Class Concept Store, which is a concept store focused on local fashion and design. Fendy opened this space a few years ago and she told us how fashion in Prague is, how she chooses the designers she works with, about the relationship between them and sustainability. We were pleased to find out that she represents designers that follow the recycling, reducing waste and creating timeless items concepts.

We were very lucky because during our staying in Prague, a major event started. Fashion Block is an impressive fair, which presents the innovations in design and fashion. We went there in one evening and finding out that most of the brands are focused on sustainability was a fresh breath of air, which inspired us.

Have I told you that exploring the gastronomy and the fine dining cuisine of each city we visit is another goal of our project? Well, yes! We wanted badly to do it and you have to try it too. Having this in mind, we also had dinner at La Veranda, which is another restaurant with Michelin distinction. The place’s design is very cosy and we loved the atmosphere and the food of course. La Veranda is cooking “Happy Meals” for happy people, just because life is beautiful and it wants you to feel it too because it also feeds you emotionally, not just your body. The dishes are imaginative and are playing with your tastes. Thank you for the experience.

This is for now, we will meet again soon. I’ll come back with stories about Berlin, Antwerp and Brussels. Lots of hugs!


Travel Report: Fashion Around Europe, Literally – Week 1