#ModicAdventures – Wbottle

We know you love a good review. So we are here to deliver. Not the usual tough, but following our spirit, where sustainability and style come together.

Talking today about Wbottle, engineered to create the most flexible and sustainable experience, on the go! Numerous colors to choose from so you can mix & match with any of your styles. Either you are a tea lover, a coffee lover or simply are one of those people that drink the required amount of water per day (which we should all do), you can do it #plasticfree.

Our editor’s put together a list of pros which will definitely convince you what to invest in next.

  1. Tough mouthpiece, heat resistant and leach-proof.

2. Large detachable infuser

3. Facts matter

4. Fits everywhere…

5. … and everything

6. Enjoys nature

7. Fits any landscape

8. Loves a good sunset

9. And keeps you warm on a boat ride

10. Appreciates modern art…

11. … and any type of art

12. A great company in Milan

13. And Paris

14. Stylist approved, while on the set for our next #ModicEditorial


The only left thing to do for you, is to choose your color here and enjoy your Wbottle!

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